Landing Page Feedback October 19, 2020

Saas landing page template


I just finished saas landing page template, and I'd love to hear some feedback

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    This looks great @ProxN. Its simple, clean and crisp.

    I would like to use this template for my next side project. Is this free to use or should I pay a premium?

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    To test this in real life, I took the time to create a real site with it:

    Looks good! (I'll continue to make the site work).

    (The template has some minor issues in the HTML code, like missing alt attributes for the img tags ... that's no problem.)

    One major thing, however: When I narrow the browser window until the mobile menu appears, and I click on it, and I try to click on one menu item, nothing happens! The mobile menu should close after a click on a menu item.

    Any idea what I can do?


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      Hi Matthias, Thank you for the feedback
      as for the menu on mobile, because I used only CSS to make it work on mobile I don't know how to hide it when the user clicks with only CSS
      I will try to fix this tonight with js and add some animation when the menu appears.
      here Github

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        Hi ProxN, wow, you're fast, I like that!
        Thanks for the Github link. Could you please add a LICENSE file to it so that people know whether this is open source or not? Would be cool. See

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          I added a LICENSE file and Now you can hide the menu when clicking the link, and fixed some issues, You can check GitHub

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            Hi, now it works fine! I have created a pull request with a number of small fixes that I made on my site. Maybe you want to include them in the template?

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            Wow, thank you, I will try this tomorrow, and also the pricing table appearance on iOS Safari. Looking forward to it! ✅👍

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    Hi ProxN,

    the template looks crisp and nice!

    One minor issue:

    • a small typo in the text: Replace "We like to find simple soultions to comples challenges" by "We like to find simple solutions to complex challenges".

    One major issue:

    • In the web browser on the desktop machine, everything looks fine.
    • In Safari on the iPhone 11, there is a hidden section in the pricing table:

    Screenshot of pricing table on iPhone 11

    Good luck!

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      Thanks, I will fix this

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    I looks nice :)

    Just some coments:

    • Hero title and Hero paragraph are a bit out of portion, I think a smaller title or bigger paragraph would fix it.
    • The rounded background looks good, but too much rounded, and it's not consistent with the rest of your landing page. square would work fine I think
    • Pricing: that big purple block it's a bit too much, I would suggest to test to user these purple just on the borders.


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      Thanks for the feedback.

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    1. Grey border on a colored background? doesn't look good. make the contrast of the bg-color itself.
    2. The page starts with rounded borders and end with square. make it consistent.
    3. Spacing looks odd in Pricing
    4. using large Type on start but ends up with small. make it consistent.

    Hope it helps :)

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      Thanks for the feedback.

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    Looks really nice I would look at removing all the custom css classes.

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      I will remove them, Thanks for the feedback

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    I think it looks very nice :)

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