Software as a Service June 30, 2020

SaaS Name Generator

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    You need to add affiliate links to godaddy and namecheap!

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    I am pretty sure this is inspired by that tweet that came a few days ago on how to name your saas.

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      Yup, says so in the footer.

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        I realized that later, haha.

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    I just learned what a cassowary was. Thanks!

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    Woahh... that was really quick :O

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    You work so quick! I am developing my version and release it soon!

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    Congrats on this fast work, and to add the link in the footer to make it clear for everyone

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    I love the idea of adding animals to every name 😃

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      I makes the logo creation easier too.

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    How great is it to live in an age when somebody can churn this out so quickly. Great execution.

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      Thanks @chr15m! It took ~1h to build. Source code here:

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      Love it. 🤓