March 28, 2019


Hanno Roedger @Hanno

For an upcoming project, I would like to join forces with distribution partners. They shall send leads to my landing page.
Until now it`s just testing the idea, so there is now revenue (and no affiliate commission yet).
When the product is launched in the future, the distribution partners will participate be in the future accordingly from the revenue.

Now I need a solution how to track it. Do you have any idea?

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    If you are looking forward to manage/track affiliates, take a look at

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      Thank you, I will have a look!

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    It sounds like you want affiliates with no reciprocity.

    No offense, but why would anyone want to send you leads with no commission?

    Traffic is money.

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      Thanks for your asking back.

      They will get commission from the future earnings. This is why I wanna track now, who sends which leads.

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