SaaS x Life Time Deal Model

Is the Lifetime Deal - One Time Payment model will work for SAAS Company?

Do you think to launch SAAS with Lifetime Model is good for SAAS company?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
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    Well, Featuring SaaS tools in lifetime deal for limited period help to grow your business. Because you can,

    • Acquire Large volume of traffic
    • Boost revenue with substancial volume of sales
    • Build future with authentic customer feedbacks

    P.S- SaaS Mantra & Appsumo are pro in doing SaaS LTDs

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    It depends. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of lifetime deals from AppSumo, and most of it has been very much worth it to me.

    From the perspective of the SAAS companies, the benefits are:

    1. great exposure to lots of potential customers
    2. even if someone buys lifetime, after the deal ends they still may need to bump up their account to a higher level or purchase addons
    3. it is an easy way to raise quick capital to fund further development
    4. it provides EXCELLENT feedback on your product. Yes, there are a lot of useless comments but also hundreds of people telling you what they are expecting and how they expect your software should work, or whether it works for them.
    5. you receive a lot of positive feedback that you can use in your marketing in the form of customer reviews

    If I get the chance to build my next MVP, I will definitely take mine to AppSumo if I get the chance.

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      Hi @antarctican
      nice perception, What do you think about some SAAS that just close the company after 2 or even 1-year (maybe) launch on Appsumo?

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        It has happened. But I don't think it has happened because of AppSumo, I think it happened despite AppSumo. I could be wrong. And companies do go out of business, but fortunately I must pick the winners (mostly) because not one has gone out of business. But I do regret buying one, PassCamp, I think it's awful and they haven't listened to their customers nor done any usability updates in over a year.

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          Yes, LTD users are early adopters who invest to "blank future" of the SAAS, they need support these users as best as they support they monthly subscriber

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