Sales Bytes #2: Risk vs Reward

Welcome to Sales Bytes. Your weekly chance to get measurably better at sales in 5 minutes or less.

Each issue contains...

  1. The most thought-provoking sales quote I've read this week
  2. One short, actionable sales tip from me
  3. One question to help you turn that sales tip into game-changing sales results

💡 Sales Quote of the Week:

Brendan McAdams — a founder with 20+ years of sales experience — speaking on this week's Sales for Founders podcast...

It's not that hard to be an effective salesperson. A big part of it is just following up and following through. Turning up on time. Doing what you said you'd do when you said you'd do it. Showing genuine interest in the customer. These are all things every founder can do.

💡 Sales Tip from Me:

Are you struggling with outbound sales? Not getting replies to your cold emails?

Then you're breaking the only really important outbound sales rule...

👉 if risk > reward then you fail 👈


Build an outbound sales process that only has low-risk, high-reward steps, and you'll see explosive results.

Start today by...

  1. Choosing the lowest-risk, highest-reward CTA possible
  2. Using the copy in your email/message to handle objections, lower the perceived risk, and increase the expected reward

💡 Question for You:

What's the least risky, most potentially valuable action you could ask a completely "cold" prospect to take?

Hint: You'll need to really see the world through your audience's eyes to get this right.

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