April 12, 2019

"Sales funnels automation" => your opinion on this tagline?

Aurelien Amacker @systemeio

Systeme.io is a Saas app with a lot of features: sales funnels builder, autoresponder, marketing automation, membership site.

What do you think about this tagline: "Sales funnels automation"?

Is it appealing? Do you understand what it does?

Thank you hackers!

PS: We will redo our home page to better describe the features, we grew to €50K MRR one year after launching but it's mostly in the french market and I'm trying to get more exposure in the english market

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    I guess it's hard to know the right answer. There is also something novel about creative copywriting which is hard to get just right, without being too factual. I would also say someone in advertising is better suited to comment on this than me, but I do have some background in this stuff so I'll give you what I can.

    Maybe let's take Hubspot as an example (which is probably playing in your space)

    "There’s a better way to grow."
    Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer.”

    My Thoughts: When I read "there is a better way to grow, it's speaking to a frustration that it's HARD to grow right now. And for me as a reader, I can relate to that. So it's telling me I've had it all wrong, and that there is a magic pill I can take (hubspot) which will give me growth, and speak to the human in me that wants big results for very little effort. It's essentially the tag line selling weight loss tablets :)

    "Build relationships that count"
    Sales force automation software to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams.

    My thoughts: Again, this speaks to a different part of me. It's saying that sales is seen as a profession for shills. Sales people are non-authentic and evil, and everyone knows it. So the antidote to this is that sales people want to build REAL relationships, because that puts them on a path to respectability. This probably resonates with the startup crowd because most startup folk these days aren't fans of 'sales people per say'.

    Those are jus 2 examples and perhaps some freudian interpretations. But I think maybe come up with a pain point, then offer some kind of witty dream.

    Having said all this, even at http://OHNO.ai (where I work) we don't have this right yet. I have tried all manner of A/B tests to find the right one and I still don't think we have it right.
    What I try and do is come up with a couple, put them in Google Optimize, and I run a big A/B test for 30 days. hoping that one day, I'll see one drive a few more trials. But I don't really have the traffic for that yet.

    Maybe take a look at ours too, tell me what you think...

    Remember, people don't buy products or features, they buy better versions of themselves. So sell them that.

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      Thanks a lot for your comment!

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    I believe the idea is not to describe the feature(s) but the benefit(s). Automating a sales funnel sounds like a feature, more customers sounds like a benefit.

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      I've really come to terms with this too, @Coffee.

      People don't want sales pipeline automation. They want

      • 10x sales increases.
      • Higher Revenues

      Try think in terms of benefits. I have to say, I don't do this enough myself, but it is good advice.

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        Thank you for your feedback guys!
        Our app provides many features to help people to sell online:

        • sales funnels
        • autoresponder
        • membership sites
        • affiliate program management
          What would be the benefits then?
          Start selling online?
          Launch your online business?
          Any idea?
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    Do people think in terms of automating their sales funnel or they think about an specific outcome that automating their sales funnel would help?

    And I agree with a previous comment about the messaging and the features.

    I thought it was a product for sales people but it seems it's a product form solo entrepreneurs that would benefit of one tool to rule their online business.


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      Our core market is more about beginners so it's more about "launching an online business".
      You got it perfect, indeed it's a product for solo entrepreneurs that would benefit from one tool to manage their online business.
      Actually I'm thinking about launching it in Brazil since I speak portuguese. I know it's a big market (some marketers like Erico Rocha make millions per year)

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    Well done on getting to 50k MRR. You should interview for Indie Hackers.

    Just checked your website, you seem to be more of build your own membership site with added extra features such as email marketing and affiliates.

    I would figure out what you want to do long term. Do you want to do membership sites or email marketing.

    I also don't see how you do sales funnels. You seem to do marketing funnels.

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      Hey thank you for your feedback! We are working on an interview for Indie Hackers ;-)
      You mean you checked out this page: https://systeme.io/en/features and it doesn't mention sales funnels, right?
      Indeed we need to add it as you can build entire sales funnels with Systeme.io, this is one of the core features.
      BTW what do you think about the "Sales funnels automation" tagline? Enticing or not?

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        Doesn't sound right, maybe "Automated Sales Funnels".

        Also have you A/B tested your landing page? The questionnaire is very weird to me.

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          Yes I tested this page against a classic home page with features on 25K visitors. The questionnaire page converted at 12,5% when the classic page converted at only 7,5%.
          The weird thing is, now I am testing 3 variations of the questionnaire page and they are all converting at around 7,5% so maybe I should run this test again. I got the idea for the questionnaire home page from https://www.timedoctor.com/

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