April 8, 2019

Sales inspiration for higher conversion rate

Avinash @avinashchby

What are some cool sales tactics you have heard/followed increase conversion for your consulting business (or any business if the tactic is really crazy).

Currently, I am struggling with my sales art and recently lost a few easy leads. Would love to know about your sales process and the source of inspiration.

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    The really important thing is to:

    1. Know who your target audience is
    2. Know what (valuable) pain point you're solving for them (and why)
    3. Understand and be able to guide them through any objections they have to buying your product/services (assuming your product does solve their pain point, of course)

    Here are three 'tactics' I use which improve my conversion rates - but they're only worth spending time on once you have the basics (above) right!

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      Agree on the 3 points, Understanding the target audience is the basis of all. But I don't agree with the 3rd point in your article. It says follow up 4 to 8 times. Wouldn't it lead to get spam marked?

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        It says follow up 4 to 8 times. Wouldn't it lead to get spam marked?

        No, it shouldn't.

        You should include an easy way to 'unsubscribe' to avoid the spam button being clicked.

        Otherwise, the last ~3-8 emails should be providing clear value and moving the lead through potential objections. Almost more of a free email course than a cold email.

        Sending 4-8 follow ups is one of those things where it's fine to object to it because of 'feelings' - but the fact is they work ;)

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          Yes putting an unsubscribe button is a very good idea. Thanks.

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    I'm not sure about cool, but when it comes to consultancy a lot of that is based on your existing network, trust and reputation. So if it were me, I'd be networking, making genuine contacts, helping people out, sharing knowledge on and offline.

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      That is what I am trying to do right now and it takes a lot of time and energy to network with people and keep the warmth of the relationship. How do you manage your online friend circle?

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        In a nutshell, hang out where they hang out. For me it's mostly a mixture of Twitter, Slack(s) and specific/niche online communities. Participate enough in a positive way and people will remember you for a long time to come.

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    One thing that helped us at our platform BittsAnalytics is to implement a twitter bot which would periodically tweet a screenshot from our platform.
    If you search for twitter bittsanalytics you will see what I mean.

    This gets around 200 followers per month and a nice number of visits. Do not know if it is right for you. Cool if you have some info that changes daily.

    We are probably going to implement it also for our newest platform UnicornSEO though the visits will probably be less judging by the number of tweets for this type of hashes.

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      Which bot are you using?

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    I would check this out: https://academy.hubspot.com/courses

    Sales is interesting space now but TBH old style Sandler Style training works if you have the conversation already booked. It is good to know about upfront contracts.

    More and more sales decisions are being made before you get the conversation. I personally only like working with companies doing inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is what will get you a higher conversion rate. Hubspot makes it easy to learn about.

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      My majority of the clients are into inbound marketing. But for me the source of lead is both inbound and outbound. So I have two option, either to invest some time and learn it myself. Or hire someone.

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    You're possibly not hitting the right audience for you. Try to bust down on the facebook/google/whatever ads and put more effort on landing page and content optimization. I've been doing twik.io for sometime now, it's basically all about matching the content to your ultimate audience and drawing it to your website. I really don't believe that exposure at all costs is the answer - it's a shame you'll spend money on not useful ads/leads, you have to stress out what's your audience and know what'll make potential clients hop in. Potential clients will get converted.

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