May 22, 2019

Sales Notifications in Slack

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

When someone signs up to our membership platform at Ministry of Testing we have it set up so that we get auto notifications to our Slack. This is what it looks like. The money bags keep us smiling. :)


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    That's cool! I love how much money Ministry of Testing makes and how humble you are about it :)

    Genuine question: How do you find the time to run a big company, be an IH community manager and be a mum all at the same time?

    How much do you allocate to each one per day? And any other tips about how to manage your time?

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      I burnt out 3 years ago, decided at that point that I wasn't the one to 'manage' the company going forward. It's been a slow process. I'm very part time there atm the moment, probably 8 hours max a week (down from 20 hrs a week at the beginning of the year), I'm aiming for less as each month passes. I hired a CEO to take the company forward, I'll remain an advisor/owner, for now at least.

      My husband and I worked together on the business, we very much share workload in life and work. We also now have a full time nanny, though that's a recent thing. Previous to that it was literally shift work with kids between my husband and I, I didn't realise how tiring that is until we got a nanny - basically always working or with the kids and very little time to ourselves.

      I've been part-time here at IH since March and it's been great fun from my perspective. I really needed a change from Ministry of Testing.

      All my work is remote and flexible, it's the only way I can work.

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        I'm glad you're reclaiming back your time. I wish you and your family success, joy and plenty of fun adventures.

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        interesting. thanks for replying :_)

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    Same thing here: :)

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    Very cool! I do something similar with Stripe's generic Slack integration. Digging the money bags!!