Sales November 22, 2020

Sales Sunday: Your questions answered and problems solved!

Louis Nicholls @louisswiss

Hey all!

I'm Louis, the guy who runs the Indie Hackers Sales group and Sales for Founders.

Over the past few years, I've helped thousands of early-stage founders learn sales, find their first customers and make $millions in revenue.

Oh - and I've also led sales teams and built/sold several profitable SaaS businesses of my own.

Are you struggling with sales?

Share your question/problem here and I'll do my best to give useful, actionable feedback or advice.


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    Hi Louis, we've recently been trying new approaches to sell our freemium platform:

    • LinkedIn outreach (manual and automation assisted)
    • Cold email outreach (through findthatlead)

    Both approaches have brought as a few sign ups but no sales.

    So far nothing really worked out and we're feeling a little burned out and are losing motivation over the lack of results. How do you choose the right path to follow in such a situation?

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    Thanks for doing this. Here is my question :

    1. How your process to collect prospect list ?
    2. If someone not reply your email, how many follow up will you do ?
    3. Right now, I get about 2-3% conversion rate, what do you think ?

    Thank you

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      This may not be my space to answer but this is what we do:

      1. We use our own SD Marketing Suite (free trial is on hold now, experimenting)
      2. Several studies and sales reps close sales after 7 - 10 follow-ups. So that's what we do too, 7 follow-ups but no pitching. We personalize and share useful & well-written guides from our team.
      3. Is it for Dumogio? I would say it is decent for something you started very recently. Let's see what Louis says.
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        Thanks for sharing. What are your result after 7-10 follow up ? Right now I stopped at 5 follow up, I should change my strategy.

        Yes, it’s for dumogio. When I selling my agency services, my conversion rate about 7-10%, Now with SaaS I only get 2-3%

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          We get replies or link clicks or form signups or bookings, depends what we sent them. We try to build a relationship from there. In case if we didn't close, we again make sure to offer personalized strategies or case studies for free, we don't like them to go empty-handed with us. Many like this gesture of ours and sometimes close right after this.

          The last part is following up after a certain period of time (always in months). Just because we couldn't close this day doesn't mean we can't close them forever. They may be working with someone previously and not satisfied now, the pain point that you're solving has become a real pain for them (like high bounce rate as in your case), financial situations that didn't make them close...

          Dumogio is new and like you say 90% may be ready to buy and the rest need some more 'push'. I believe that helping your audience helps them buy your product.

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            Sending personalized case studies in cold email seem great idea, I never think about it before. Did you attach them or give a link ?

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              Link and attach, and say like "the same is attached as a PDF below".

              Some like to take stuff with them and some don't like going out of their email client and some are cautious about downloading attachments from cold emails.

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                Good point. Thank you for sharing

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    Hey Luis! Thanks for doing this

    Well, I would like to improve sales on
    What is your advice? :)

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      No problem!

      What's your biggest sales hurdle at the moment?

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        Well, I am not sure which way I should go to grow the sales :)

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          Where are your existing sales coming from?

          And what is the root cause of that uncertainty? What information don't you have, that would make your decision easier?

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