News December 1, 2020

Salesforce will buy Slack for $28 billion

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    sillies, you can download & use it for free

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    Slack's CEO promised not to ruin Slack...I hope not, although I root for Discord as the underdog communication tool for remote teams with inbuilt audiovideo support from the get-go :D

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      That's what every CEO says as they're being acquired. They usually leave shortly after.

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      Discord will be my go-to in the future. Better audio calls that rarely drop.

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    Super interesting, I feel like most "new" companies are going with Hubspot (well, I can at least speak for my company!)

    The customer experience and ease of use of Slack doesn't really match Salesforce's experience right now.

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      I completely agree with that. I have used slack and salesforce for many years now and the companies' approach to 1) how they serve customers and 2) how they market their products are completely different things.

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    Welp my friends at Slack have been super happy for the last few days.

    I read an analysis recently that compared Slack to Stripe, saying their advantage (presumably over MS Teams) is that they win when it comes to onboarding startups and brand new companies. That's a very cool "sleeper" advantage, since a lot of these companies with grow like rocket ships into major companies in the long run. I wonder how much Salesforce plans to capitalize on this upside vs how much they're excited to somehow find "synergy" between Salesforce and Slack.

    I'd be surprised if very much changes tbh.

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    I would say that will be the end of Slack as we know it today! It's a sad day for the whole of the Slack community...

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    Too bad :( Slack was cool in the past, but joining the culture of a corporate non UX-driven company can only be bad for its future imho.

    Sometimes it drives me crazy how obsessed companies are with growth and forget about building something fun, cool and easy to use.

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    Oh dear. This is good for Slack in general as they get access to Salesforce's set of customers. They'll be in a stronger place to compete against Microsoft Teams.

    But from a consumer perspective, I don’t like it much. Slack's user experience will continue to degrade while they chase enterprise customers.

    Platforms like Discord will stand to benefit by filling the gap that Slack will leave at the startup or mid-market level.

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    It is interesting how this news somehow leaks days before the real news is released...

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