Daily Stand-up February 22, 2020

Saturday: What will you do today?

Janice @Janice

What will you accomplish by end of February?
What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?
What will you do today?

  1. 1

    Finish the new release of my iOS Inspirational Quotes app.


    • Add functionality to show daily quote on notifications click
    • Launch stand-alone website for this iOS and Android apps.
    • Improve API to support more users without downtime (we are regularly facing downtime past few weeks due to very high traffic).
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    Took a little time off of the product today to attend a Hackathon as a mentor. It is my first time attending one and has been very interesting. Maybe it should have been obvious but it never really occurred to me that these are good events for meeting other like minded folks.

    Also, to be honest, I've spent most of my time here so far praying that somebody does not ask me a question that I have no idea how to answer. It is weird that I can write code almost everyday and still feel like I know nothing about it?

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    I finished && released a website for my android app Dr. Diary:


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    Context: I'm working on Send a Postcard Online - making sending postcards online as easy as sending a text message 📩

    Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) I offer 1 free physical postcard that can be sent to anyone in the US. Hopefully that's enough of an incentive to get early beta testers and gather feedback along the way.

    Visit sendapostcardonline.com/?cc=indiehacker - the link will automatically apply the coupon (if someone already hasn't claimed it yet — as of writing this no one has).

    Now on to the standup:

    What will you accomplish by end of February?

    • Start a campaign with popular designers

    What will you do today?

    I've commissioned 2 other providers to provide examples of their postcards so I can compare quality and change my provider if necessary.

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    1. What will you accomplish by the end of February?

    • Build a mailing list for Jovial.
      2. Wednesday-Friday
    • Do daily prospecting.
    • Do daily outreach.
    • Schedule discovery call.
    • Do a discovery call.
    • Edit call transcripts.
    • Do follow-up emails.
    • Got advice from YC Startup School office hours.
      3. Today
    • Send follow-up emails.
    • Edit call transcripts.
    • Document pilot progress.
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    Hey! I'm back!

    End of February
    Create a marketing page for a new project ;)
    Set pricing
    Identify if there is user interest

    Researching the idea

    Starting a simple marketing site

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    DATE: February 22th, 2020

    What will you accomplish by end of February?

    • Finish and launch MVP of TinyDevCRM

    What did you do yesterday to work towards your goal?

    • Finished 401 error page
    • Finished 404 error page
    • Refactored error pages due to increased understanding (hopefully while not introducing premature optimization)
    • Significantly updated SignupForm and Signup pages
    • Made all existing pages

    What will you do today?

    • Create Pioneer.app video for a 1 minute summary
    • Publish weekly update on Bytes by Ying
    • Publish what I have (anything) to dashboard.tinydevcrm.com to get an end-to-end workflow going ASAP
    • Work on LoginForm and Login page
    • File any additional issues that remain with 0.1.0 release (push back email confirm and password reset pages to 0.1.1, custom theming for components at the HTML tag level, etc.)
    • Start working on the backend and database and implementing a JWT implementation