Meetups April 5, 2019

Save the Date! 1st IHs Meetup in Budapest

Nadja Runge @nadjarunge

Hi to all IHs in #budapest ,

Together with @IAmAFunction we will host our 1st #meetups Budapest:
16th April, 7pm

More details coming soon :)

Any topics you are interested in? Leave a comment, would be great to hear your ideas! 🤙🏻

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    What will be the topic of a meetup?

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      Not set in stone yet. Getting to know each other, and listening to where we are could be a good start. But let's assume for a minute we'll have a topic, and come up with one thing you would be keen to discuss.

      For example, the relation of being an IHer and located in Hungary. Would it change any of the common advice heard? What are historic / contemporary similar movements here? Etc.

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      @Nebojsa, currently we are still working on our first topic. But we will decide about it until the 9th April. What topics would be interesting for you? Would be great if you could share your thoughts with us :)

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    😭I wont be in town....

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      Oh no! :( what a pity... Luckily this won't be our last meetup, we are planning to have at least one event each month! What about May? When will you be in town?

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        May sounds good :) I should be in Budapest all month. Good luck with the first meetup!

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