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Saving Time on App Development

Srineesh @SrineeshFlutter_io

I am a flutter and IOS app developer. If you are considering app-development and are bored to do repetitive tasks read this post.

These tips will also be useful for IOS, Android, and React JS developers as well.

When working on the front-end of my/clients app most of the work involves using common widgets like container, row, column, stack.......
So, here are a few tools that save time for developers mainly for front-end development.

  1. SuperNova Studio: This is a code generator tool. Designs you make using Sketch or Xd can be synced into the studio and the studio will generate code for you that you can export.

A few tips for faster development:
. Make sure you group the elements exactly the way you will code inside the app.
. The base screens should always be of the same resolution(You can get away with this but I wouldn't recommend doing it).

I personally do not recommend exporting the entire project and call it a day. I will manually check every widget and manually change them to avoid any render errors for a plethora of screens we have.

Price: Free for flutter currently and paid for android, IOS, and React JS.

  1. Bracker pair Colorizer in vs code(free): This is a life-saver often we will have more lines of code than we care to admit when we code front-end and it will become tough when I try to delete some code, use this tool and it just changes colors of brackets so it will be easy to remove code.

  2. TODO tree on VS code(free): When stuck on a problem if you have this extension all you have to write is
    //TODO: I will do this again
    and you are free to do other tasks.

  3. XD and Sketch for design: This is a no-brainer for many when designing apps.

  4. CodeTime on VS Code: This shows the time-spent on code asking you to take breaks and have a coffee.

If you have the budget or you are paying another developer to build the app for you consider buying a front-end app template outright and save time on front-end. Usually, they don't use many packages and will be easily customizable saving time and money in the process.

Thank me for writing :)
Have a great day.

Note: I am not commercially affiliated with any of the products but I enjoy using these tools for development.

If you need a commercially viable, fully customizable app template feel free to comment. This post isn't intended to outright push my themes, try out these tools, and save time.

I am currently getting into web-development and I decided to make a web-builder MVP by the end of next month. Feel free to suggest any tools or languages that would help me in the process.

Thanks and Regards
S. Sai Srineesh

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