No-Code January 2, 2020

Scraping tool with no code?

Pete Codes @petecodes

Hey, I've been using sheet2site which is a way to make site with google sheets as the back end. Is there any nocode scraping tool for adding info to sheets? Thanks

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    Try this one, I've good experience with

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        Hey Pete, creator here.

        We launched an integration with Google Sheets last week which may be just what you're looking for :

        It allows you to scrape website data directly into Google Sheets with two clicks.

        Simple Scraper comes with a free plan but if you need more credits hmu in the chat I'll upgrade you for free.

        Let me know how you get on!

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          I was looking into this for nocodery today :)

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            Cool project. This type of scraping happens to be one of our most popular uses (all different niches though so you're good ;)

            Best of luck. I'll be around to help you get set up at anytime.

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              Thanks, I've got a technical co-founder for that part :) if we happen to need it I'll let you know. But, a great tool you've got there very easy to use. best of luck.

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          Can you help me for your scraper .. for collecting facebook data ?

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          any chance firefox support coming?

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          Hey great tool ..can I hit you up in chat for a free upgrade? Thanks

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            Nice hustle 😄. Sure, hit that chat button.

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    I am building the most powerful web automation/scraping tool check


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      @petecodes did you have luck with a no-code scraper? If you need, I can grant you free access to Automatio, so you can test it out. Let me know. 😎

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      Hey, do you think you would offer a lifetime deal?

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        Hey sorry for the delayed response. Are you asking because you are interested in LTD?

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          Still interested :) do you have a community?

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            Just invited you! 👍

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            Yes, small private Slack group. I saw you form entry, and gonna invite you to the EA. Soon you should get an email. Lets chat there.

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          Yes, that is correct

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    Anyone have one that handles scraping when required to be logged on? Tried simplescraper, but couldn't get the login to work w/the need for cookie (keys) to allow logon 1st, then go get the defined data fields.

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      @isaic The tool I am building (Automatio) is capable of doing it. You can see that feature in this video

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        Nope. i found this long time ago. it's awesome. i was using to scrap google results.

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          ok, good to know :)

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    Hi there! I am the founder of and would definitely recommend you giving this a try Let us know about your experience!

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    Perhaps a late post, but I've been using in private beta and it's simply amazing. the selector is so much better than any competitor out there and it's so fast

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    Hey Pete,

    I've been using (not mine, though I do wish I could take credit for it's brilliance) which was $38. I was putzing around with various free/trial versions and kept running into walls. The price was worth it to have a tool which didn't have a cap or price tiered plan based on queries/requests since I spend so much time testing what is possible rather than going in with a defined plan.

    The amount of time I've saved and $ I've made by creating comprehensive databases for clients has paid for it dozens of times over again.

    There was an app called Kimono which was quite similar but was acquired by Palantir. PM me if you want to know a little secret about how you can still use it.

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    I used to scrape and liked it, but had problems with Rich Text Format being preserved.

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      Looks nice but it's Windows only :(

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      doesn't seem like it can scrape job boards?

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    Hi. It depends on what do you need to scrape. Maybe phuntombuster helps you.

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    Hey @petecodes! Depending on your use case, Monitoro might be a great match. (founder here)

    We're currently working on a guide to integrate Monitoro with google sheets to either update a specific cell with the latest value from a website, or append a new row whenever a new value is extracted.

    Happy to work with you and guide you throughout your project!

  10. 1 — another tool I used to successfully extract the data from pages.

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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