February 6, 2020

Screen video recording for Mac that works wonders?

Silje Storgaard @SiljeStorgaard

I tried Apowersoft and Filmora. Apparently, it doesn't do the work.

I got Apowersoft to work, but it won't save my recorded video.

Anything else any hackers can recommend?

(videos for Facebook, screen recording and webcam)

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    Screenflow is king with Camtasia pulling a close second. Neither are cheap, but they are pro-level.

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      +1 for screenflow. Worth the money.

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    Big fan of Loom these days, browser based and a stand-alone app.

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    I used Kap recently. Very minimalistic though. Not sure if it will be enough for your use case.

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      Same me too! It's worked very well for my use case. Lightweight, simple and free.

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    I may recommend Joyoshare Screen Recorder. It can support both Windows and Mac. I often use it to record gameplay and post them to my YouTube and Facebook. I have to say it is the most powerful recording tool I've ever used. Maybe you could give it a try.

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    Kap is my favorite for screen recording https://getkap.co/

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    Thanks! I will check out Loom, just installed :-D

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    Check out Loom it’s exactly what you need!

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    I second Loom! It’s been really nice and easy.

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    Thanks! I will check it out