Design and UX February 2, 2020

Screenshot tools

Andras Szabo @AndrasSzabo


I need some help. I'd like to create and save screenshots about the sites i find inspiring. Also would like to annotate / tag the designs. Can you recommend tools or websites which can do these things?


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    I just use Fireshot (a browser extension) to take the screenshots and save them to folders on my computer (example: web design, mobile design, etc.) with descriptive file names. I take a lot of screnshots and I've never been unable to find one.

    I find overcomplicating this with tags and annotations and creating more work yourself can actually make you less likely to save inspiration in the first place.

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      Annotations and tags are useful if you need to share the designs with your team for example. If you just collect them for yourself then I agree that it is just an overcomplication

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        Ah got it. For sharing, you can try Airtable with the Art Gallery template:

        You can annotate the screenshots as you're taking them with Fireshot Pro (they offer a lifetime licence).

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    I use a little software called ShareX.

    A bit more complex than other tools, but it gives you the freedom to configure it just the way you want it.

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    I created Shotmockr - a tool for taking nice looking screenshot and it's free.

    More details:

    1. Chrome extension:

    2. Screenshot editor:

    Please, let me know if you have any questions.

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      Oh, nice. I just downloaded the extension and will try it.

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        Thank you.

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    Skitch is pretty nifty, but I tend to roll with the macOS baked in goodies for screenshots and annotations. Are you using Mac?

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      +1 for Skitch. I use it all the time when doing support for customers and I need to show them how to do something in our app. Also for capturing interesting things. Love that it has got the blur tool for hiding sensitive info, and the arrow and circle tools for highlighting important bits. For capturing full web pages, I use FireShot. These two tools are basically my 'go to' for all screen capture needs.

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      Hi, mostly mac, yes. Can Skitch take full page screenshots? If I understood correctly from their website it can upload screenshots to an evernote account, so you can share the image with others.

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        Yep, it can take a full page screenshot and you don't need to upload to Evernote or even have an Evernote account.