Search engine for creators. Can this work?

I'm thinking about a site where creators in the creator economy are listed.
For each creator, a record is kept of the niche(s) in which he or she publishes.
By incorporating some sort of ranking mechanism, the creators that deliver the most value move up the list for their niche.

  1. This provides an extra marketing opportunity for the creators and 2. those interested in a subject can find quality creators/content.

what do you think about this?

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    I've got a similar sort of site with Hive Index, but for online communities.

    Can't speak to validating the idea (definitely don't skip proper validation though), but here are my tips for a similar kind of platform:

    • Be prepared to put in a lot of work before you get any revenue
    • You'll be curating a lot of creators yourself and need to have a good way of finding them
    • I recommend doing it niche by niche, so that once you finish a niche, you can "publish" that list of creators to the relevant online communities (I heard of a site called Hive Index that helps you find them...)
    • Think about the data you'll need to collect on each creator before you start. Planning out the data layer first will save you lots of time in the future to re-visit each creator to update their listing.
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    Diffbot's Knowledge Graph is about 50x the size of Google News. Each article entity has a author and is tagged by topic. Could be a good underlying data source?

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      I’ll look into it!

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    How do you measure how much value a creator provides?

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      That’s hard of course. Maybe make the consumers vote?

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