Searching for tweets from influencers?

Hi! I’m one of the cofounder of Sensor Tower (Mobile Insights, competitive intel) sensortower.com. Currently I’m trying to better leverage Twitter search for lead generation. Does anyone know of a way in which I can have a stream of all tweets/retweets/favorites mentioning “sensor tower” from users with over 10k followers? Right now there is a lot of noise from random people and it is not very useful. We’re getting ~ 100 tweets a day. I already tried Hootsuite and Twitter advanced search

Happy to network / chat about lead generation in general too!

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    Sprout Social might, but I think it's pretty pricey.

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    I think Followerwonk lets you do this as a search, but not as a live stream. Maybe one of its competitors does - https://www.producthunt.com/alternatives/followerwonk

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    Using Twitter stream API to filter out tweets that mention "sensor tower", for each received tweet you should have full information of its owner including the number of flowers

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