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Seeking an iOS developer with two years of experience

Hello! 👋

About This Role-
As an iOS engineer at Circa, you will build the experience in the Circa iOS app. You will build features that make the best part of college students’ days even better. In addition, you will collaborate with our designer and existing iOS developer to ensure the technology is scalable and efficient.

You’re excited about this opportunity because you will-
Collaborate on new experiences to engage existing users. Help define the future of the iOS app at Circa. Directly impact the experience of college students.

You will be successful here by-
Focused on user-centric product development. Building smooth and delightful mobile experiences. A curiosity to learn new things and solve problems. Leverage the expertise of others and when to ask for help.

We’re excited about you because you-
Have experience building iOS applications in a production environment using Swift. Stay up to date and experiment with the latest iOS technologies. Have a product-focused mindset. Our team works together to deliver projects that use technology to solve day-to-day problems. Think critically about how your work connects to the business strategy/vision.


2+ years of iOS development

Nice to have

Google cloud

Product: A location-based community for college students to connect with students on and off-campus. Users can post publicly, privately, or join and create groups based on topics they love.

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1492596890
Website: https://www.connectwithcirca.com/

Current team

Daniel - iOS Developer
Eli - Designer

Thank you.

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    Hey, I would like to know more.

    Your Twitter DMs are closed. Can you DM me @imthath_m?

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