Seeking feedback: A better waitlist sign up form to get quality leads

Hi all,

I would appreciate your feedback on this landing page for a new product, Fake My Door: https://fakemydoor.com.

Fake My Door is a fake credit card payment form that entrepreneurs can embed on their website in order to determine who will pay for a product that doesn't exist yet.

I created it in order to help entrepreneurs determine who will buy a product before launching it.

Today the most common technique for doing this is to use a form that says "sign up for our waitlist." The problem is that this method over-estimates demands because lots of people sign up -- even though they would never pay.

Fake My Door solves this problem by asking website visitors to enter their credit card information. Only after they do, they told that the product doesn't exist, that their credit cards were not charged or saved, and that their email addresses have been added to a wait list.

Feel free to test it out here: www.fakemydoor.com.

Thank you for your feedback.

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    I know this might not be what you want to hear but deceiving your users like this, is probably not worth it.

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      Thank you for the feedback, @orliesaurus.

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    Very interesting indeed. Since I'm in the validation phase I got it instantly. My comments:

    • I inspected the request of your demo and was happy to see that the credit card info doesn't leave my computer
    • the form itself doesn't look standard, and looks potentially suspicious. I can't remember having ever been asked to enter my credit card info straight after my email. I would recommend splitting it up visually, and also adding credit card logos above the card inputs. As an entrepreneur I would also like the option to not collect the name, just email. Check out Dribbble for more payment form inspiration: https://dribbble.com/search/payment form
    • the way it says that my credit card wasn't charged and its details not saved makes me feel a bit cheated as a user; why did I share my details in the first place? The language could be reworked.
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      Really helpful, @IndieHacker32232. Thanks so much for the feedback.

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    It's an interesting problem to solve. But unfortunately, I couldn't understand how Fake My Door solves it.

    If someone is willing to share their credit card info in the first place, why would they bother about it later?

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      Thanks for the feedback @akhilmk

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