Slack September 29, 2020

Seeking feedback on new Slack app landing page


Hi all,

I would appreciate your feedback on this landing page for a new Slack app.

The app, which is called Interruption Buster, lets you flag Slack messages to follow up on later.

The problem it solves is that Slack messages can be distracting because they interrupt periods of focus. The purpose of this app is to help you focus by not responding to messages when they come in -- while also making it easy to find the right thread to follow up on later.

I would appreciate any feedback that you have. Do you get distracted by Slack messages? Do you have other techniques for avoiding those distractions?


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    Hi, it does the job, the value proposition is clear. I would touch it up just a bit. I like to keep things simple myself but may add just one more complementary colour (maybe try it for buttons) and would do something with the logo. There are some cool, free fonts you can use to start out with but also the business name lends itself nicely to a cool, simple logo, like a shield or a bubble etc protecting from interruption.

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    Hey Ryan! great idea and the page looks pretty good. I would love you help add some creativity to it if you would like -

    cheers and good luck -


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      Thank you Patrick. I appreciate the kind words. What do you have in mind?

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    Looks pretty good. Recommend you list it to Slack App directory, I've seen founders who get the majority of their customers from there.

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    this is a great idea @ryanh1! I already kinda hack this whenever I get a DM, by entering some random characters "adfa" into the DM thread so that the thread doesn't disappear and I can respond to it later.

    Re: landing page

    • Really like the gifs showing the products in action
    • Copy is good, and the value proposition is clear to me


    1. The asset for the second value prop is really small, I had to zoom in to view it
    2. i would recommend this copy to be higher "Don't let Slack messages interrupt your flow", i think its really powerful

    Good luck! when are you launching in the app store ??

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      Thanks for the feedback @Mirv! Very helpful. Will launch on the app store soon.

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    Hi Ryan,

    I think your landing page is quite good. I like the examples you are showing and it makes it very clear what the product is about. I am not sure about the pricing, it feels a bit too high for me, I guess if you lower the price a bit more people will tend to give it a try. The value propostion is clear.

    Since I have only worked for 3 months with Slack yet and me personally did not have distractions. However I can imagine it might become a problem in larger organisations.

    Good luck with your project!

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      Thank you for the feedback, @nickverhaege

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