Ideas and Validation May 15, 2020

Seeking volunteers to interview before launching MVP

Eli Yazdi @elijahk4

Hello. We are in the process of developing an MVP of location-based social media app. We have made a lot of assumptions designing the app; now, we want to understand and help users solve their problems.

Who has 15 to 25 minutes to answer a couple questions and their respective follow-ups?

Leave a comment if you are available.

Thank you. :)

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    Hey, I am happy to help. Just send an email and we can schedule something.

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      Thank you for your support. I will.

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    I'm happy to help out. Just shoot an email the we can make something work.

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      Thank you, @Barakcodes. What's your email? I do not see an email listed on your profile.

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    Hi Eli. I'm happy to help out as well. Feel free to shoot me an email if you still need volunteers.

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      Thank you. I sent you an email.

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    If you are confident enough in your MVP I'm doing beta-testing here

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      Thank you, Piero. Once the app is on the App Store, I will follow up.