March 12, 2019

Sell your side project?

DShan @dshan

If you'd sell your side project and a fair price for it is between $1,000 and $15,000, would love to know about it!

I acquire small profitable digital projects and run a newsletter for interested buyers (, so hopefully can help you sell by listing it. March always tends to be a little sparse for most marketplaces so looking for interesting opportunities to include. Ideally there's revenue, but we make some exceptions so open to hearing about any makers looking to sell.

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    Hi Dshan. I just checked your site and service, and I didn't notice a trail period or a sample of what do I get for $5 a month. I pressed a button, and it asked me for my credit card. Is it possible to have some sort of idea of what your service provides?

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      Hey! Sorry for delay here. And the project's in beta mode so hadn't built a trial yet. You can see last week's digest here:

      I should have a trial/example easy to find on the homepage, will fix that ASAP!

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    Since it was only $5, I went ahead and signed up. Some questions that I think should probably be answered on the landing page:

    • How often do emails go out?
    • How many businesses are typically listed in an email?
    • Are you involved in the sales process at all, or are you just connecting buyer with seller?
    • What's your curation/vetting process?
    • How do I cancel my membership?
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      Fantastic feedback, you're 100% right. I've added all that to the landing page. I'll also implement a better onboarding once signed up.

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    Are you interested in non-revenue projects?

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      Thanks for asking! I'm leaning towards revenue projects, since it's hard to price non-revenue assets.

      That said, I'll look at any project, so the answer is yes. :)

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    Any way to get a sample of some of the listings? I could not locate a way to do so on the site.

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      This is something I would definitely be interested in but I am a little hesitant to give credit card information to a website that offers no information with the exception of a landing page.

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        Totally understand - just added to site and you can check it out here:

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      Yep, sorry about that. Still building out the signup experience - I've added an example to the landing page - it's here:


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      I agree with this. Maybe include a list of companies that were recently sold through your service?

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        Thanks for the suggestion! Tiny Acquire is curating business listings from all over the web, trying to improve signal to noise ratio for interested buyers. So I don't handle transactions at all. I cut out the spam/scam projects and try to highlight ones that seem compelling, with notes on why and what type of buyer might be a good fit for a particular asset.

        In cases where a seller comes directly to us, I'm just connecting interested parties to them via email.

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          This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    it would be great if the questions of other people where answered.. i had the same

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      Sorry about that! Had an insane day with the crazy blizzard that rolled through Denver and took a lot longer than expected to come back and check the thread!

      Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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        hope everything is ok!

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          It is, thank you! Beyond my wife being stuck in Atlanta and unable to get home until tomorrow!

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    love the idea. would also love to see more details on what businesses are listed etc.

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      Thanks Brian - I just added a bunch of context to the landing page ( based on feedback here, but let me know if there are any other questions or curiosities.

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        Nice work on the site update.

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    This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

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      Hey! Sorry I missed this.

      1. Use - it's built into the landing page platform; I use it for nearly all side project early stage stuff.

      2. No the form isn't completed until Stripe confirmed.

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