Looking to Partner Up April 2, 2020

Selling 100% or part of my ready-to-market SaaS. Or any other ideas?


Hello Indie Hackers,
Hope you are all well in this crazy situation.

At the beginning of 2020, I launched a project called Nutiro. A subscription-based product where customers can get meals plans customized to their profile for weight loss. Visitors fill out a questionnaire and after that, the website create a meal plan which fits the customer. We have a few paying customers.

I've spent a lot of resources on this project and thought this was going to be my primary project in 2020 and in future. But! Now another company I'm involved with is doing very good and I have to put my focus here. A business which already makes money.

So my problem is what to do with Nutiro. I'm considering different constellations. Everything from selling the project(even though I can't get very much when there are so few customers), selling a part of it cheap for one who wants to take over a ready-to-market product with its firsts few users and stay "passive" in the company or something completely else.

What would you do in my situation? And if you could be interested in cooperation I'm very interested in hearing from you as well.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Best regards

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    Interested to partner up. Ping me a message.

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      Cool! I can't PM you... Do you have an email where I can contact you?

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    I think you should launch it too with a help with another person that you delegate. If you need I'm a developer and we could like 10% profit for me 90% for you if it goes well you can sell it on flippa.

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      I'm open for this idea. Where can I contact you?

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        Hey ehm we can contact on telegram @yourwebdev or by email on [email protected] . Really excited to help you :)

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    If this is still ongoing would be great to hear from you, just mail me at [email protected]

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    send me an email contact [at] laurencewelch.com I am interested in both partnering up or purchasing.

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    I would perhaps be interested in purchasing the business. Reach out to me https://twitter.com/stefanmiodrag

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    Hey, I'm interested in partnering up. Send me an email - [email protected] - and we can discuss further.

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      Done :-)