Send custom bulk email from your Gmail account, interested?

I'm planning to write a service/SAAS that allows you to send customize bulk emails from your Gmail a/c instead of using any other third service provider like MailChimp/AWeber etc...

My questions:

  1. Would you be interested in such a service?
  2. What all features do you expect in such a product?
    Please fill the details here - http://survey.feedsinsight.com/c76cd023-39c0-4aa5-8b4a-a5ac5fc3c0e2


  1. The user receives email from your email account instead of some generic marketing account(in case of MailChimp/AWeber.)
  2. Better email deliverability - as your are not using some marketing account.
  3. Send customized emails at scale.


  1. The only limitation on the number of emails that can be sent is from your Gmail account. Generally speaking, you can't send more than 2,000 email/day and 100 emails/hour. Refer this link for more information - https://support.google.com/a/answer/166852?hl=en
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      Same question. @ankur_nigam how will you differentiate your solution from Gmass? :)

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        @MisterHat I was just toying with the idea of launching it as product because, I've already done it part of another project.

        However, over time, I realized, it may not be of much great value for consumers... So, I'm dropping it.

        If I ever get bored, I'll push out for free...

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          Actually it does have a lot of value for any company that doesn't want to invest on a CRM that propose email sequences.
          I don't know how far you went with you solution but early stage startup / maker willing to do some mass mailing campaigns to validate an idea could benefit from such solution.

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            This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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              That makes perfect sense indeed...
              I'll definitely keep that in mind and ping you in I can see an opportunity :)

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    I prefer to use a SaaS, but that might just be me :)

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    There are many Saas solutions for this. I like Woodpecker (https://woodpecker.co/)

    1. 2

      Thanks @Nelson, I posted this, as I have already developed the solution and just toying with the idea of launching it as a saperate product.

      However, I don't see it adding much value, so I'm dropping it now.

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      Thanks for inputs.
      Just wondering, why would like to send HTML emails. Plain text email makes it look more personal and have a better response rate.
      Or, just saving the cost your primary concern (which is totally fine.)

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