Looking to Partner Up February 22, 2020

Senior UI/UX designer looking to join projects as co-founder

Omar Zouhair @omarzouhair

Hey, everyone I would love to partner up with a technical entrepreneur who has a great idea and has the technical skills to build it, but lacks the UI/UX support. If this is you and you're open to partnering, let's start a discussion.

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    Do you have a portfolio?

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    I emailed you

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      Still didn't receive it

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    Hey Omar,

    I'd be potentially interested. I'm currently working on https://insightswebanalytics.com/ and definitely would love some help on helping the data we showcase way more presentable, easy to digest and mobile friendly.

    If you'd be interested, my email is [email protected]

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    What are you into, where are you located? How much time can you devote? What's your financial situation, how long can you last before you take dividends?

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      I'll tell you everything, where can we chat?

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        Thanks for your interest, but the difference in location and time-zone would be too great of an obstacle for a equity partner where we need frequent communication. Best of luck.