Growth October 22, 2020

SEO Growth strategy – week 1: Keywords

Dor Sharon @DorSharon123

Hi IndieHackers!

Wanted to share with you my SEO work process and would love to get your feedback .
@yople and I are trying to bring more SERP traffic to WellyBox , and unlike ads, it might take a while…

So this is what we've done:

  1. Made a list of most relevant keywords to WellyBox. Because our product is best for freelancers and small business - there are wide topics we can talk about, but for our first few articles- we decided to write about things related to the core of our product.

  2. Inserted the kw into SEMrush (was looking also into Ubersuggest- not sure how beneficial is it, what do you think?) and got insights – search Vol, and difficulty + ideas for longtail keywords.

  3. Created a doc on excel with all the collected data– KW, Vol, KD.

  4. We searched those kw in google, scrolled the first 2 pages and tried to find smallish websites (>30K visitors/m) that ranked (by Similarweb).

  5. After we had a URLs list of small sites that ranked – We inserted those URLs into SEMrush and wanted to see if there is actually traffic coming into those URLs.

  6. The ones without traffic we deleted, and for the ones with traffic (30+ visitors a month), we checked the keywords that bring them traffic.

Now we have a new list of keywords that not only related to us directly, but it's also possible for us to rank for and get traffic to our site.
It took some time, but I'm pretty happy with the process so far.

Take a quick look : . This is the "before"...
To be continued :)

  1. 1

    Hi Dor,
    I just wrote a message on the next post, but I'd like give you an advice for a different approach to keyword research.

    This method works only if you already have customers. The process is quite simple but should be followed when you understand to forget what you think about your customers.

    The goal of this technique is to identify content that can help you to really sell thought you content.


    1. Identify who your best customers are (paying more, using a specific feature, don't bother with questions, etc)

    2. Interview them and identify what do they consider as an alternative to your product. Don't use the competitors that you think are competitors, otherwise it doesn't work.

    3. Find your unique feature compared to your alternatives (any type of uniqueness, positive or negative).

    4. Identify your customers' ultimate goals and specific tasks as the reason why they use your product.

    5. Based on the previous information, identity who is your best fit customer(s).

    6. Find your customers pain points on SEMrush but also on Facebook groups (i.e.: join small businesses and freelancers groups), platform such as Quora, Reddit, etc.

    7. Use all the elements to create tailor made landing pages (images, CTAs, features, etc)

    If you think it worth the time, have a look at the article I wrote about it a few weeks ago

    1. 1

      Sure will have a look.
      How do you advise to find pain points on SEMrush?
      I find Quora to be a nice platform with potential, Reddit is the next one I'm gonna try, and about Facebook groups - I didn't find it to be very useful. Do you have any ideas for interesting Facebook groups?

      1. 2

        What you should do is identifying your audience (i.e.: freelancers and small businesses), join relevant Facebook groups and lurk what kind of question do they ask, go in their old threads and identify the main topics.

        Once you have the main areas of discussion, search for them on Quora, Reddit or other general/niche discussion forum. Here you can identify your keywords.

        Now you can go on SEMrush and expand your keywords list based on your people's language/questions.

        Sorry for the generic advice, this answer would need more in depth analysis.

        1. 2

          Thanks, interesting ideas

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    @DorSharon123 Can you elaborate how you create the list of keywords for your startup (STEP 1).

    1. 2

      I wrote down the words related to our field - expense management.
      Then I've inserted those words into SEMrush, and it showed me a bigger list of words.

      In addition, I checked on SEMrush my competitors' best pages (traffic), then click on them and find the keywords for them, and checked it as well.

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    Hi there Dor! Love the work and I'd LOVE to help with your SEO. We've developed a tool to help create more compelling content for SEO. I'd love to give you a 45 day trial to see how it can work for you. Would that be of interest?

    1. 1

      Hi @Shamoons,
      Thanks for your comment!
      I'm glad you liked the work:) do you have any advice maybe?
      I would love to take a look at your tool, what is it exactly?

      1. 1 - happy to set up a call later today?

        1. 1

          Sure we can do it next week, Email me

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