Seo question for urls with query strings

Hey guys,

I have a vuejs single-page-app hosted on S3 which I use to load different blog posts. Each blog post has a different Id which i reference in the url like this -> https://moogle.cc/blog/?id=6ar5m3&url=This-post-was-written-in-my-inbox

My issue is that Google search console doesn’t seem to crawl this page at all. The url is similar to what Wordpress blogs used to provide so I can’t figure out why this is not working.


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    Hi, it's because you use JS to link your pages. Google is following a href links, it cannot guess that by clicking on "this" element, there is a js event bound to it that changes the page.

    Can you guess your blog post URL only from reading that piece of code ?


    No ? Well, neither can Google ;)

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      When I try to do a “Test Live URL” in Google search console, I am able to see the page along with the blog content and images.

      Plus, I read that Google‘s crawler bot is able to wait a set amount of time to allow async JavaScript on a page to finish loading and executing.

      Even Wordpress posts can be linked as example.com?postid=10 or something like that.

      Given all this, I’m wondering if there is something else that I’m missing.

      In any case, one removed query params from my URL scheme. Let’s see if the page gets indexed.

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        I don't think it is related to query parameters, I think it is related to your VueJS usage. You need to create "a href" tag for Google to crawl

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          I got google to crawl the site! Instead of adding each blogpost url manually and requesting a crawl, I added a sitemap file which did the trick!

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          Looks like an SPA’s SEO has been an open question for a while now


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    Don't use query params.

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