Growth August 22, 2019

SEO Wix (bad??)

Jonas @Jonass

Hi hackers, I have launched a new blog and just migrated Wordpress to Wix blog. SEO traffic tanked. Anyone experience with or tips for optimizing WIX (blog) site?

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    Are you checking Google webmaster tools / search console? Wix dynamically loads a lot of content but I'd be surprised if it wasn't compatible with Google's crawler. Check for crawl errors and slower responses. Do your old URLs map directly to the new site layout? Have you forwarded correctly to maintain inbound links and reputation?

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    Did you informed Google Webmaster tools about the change?

    Are you keeping the same url structure, backlinks, sitemaps, robots and other configurations?

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    +1 to both of the other comments below. I'm curious why you decided to migrate?