SEOCopy Beta 2.0 Released

Over the last week I’ve been working hard building out new features, improving general user experience and fixing bugs for SEOCopy.ai. Since the new features completely change the experience of using the platform, I’ve called this update “Beta 2.0”. We’re still in “Beta”, as I’m still constantly improving the site and listening to new user feedback.

One thing I am doing is reviewing HotJar data and recordings a few times a day. I’ve already spotted a couple of small bugs that users were experiencing (device specific), which I’ve now fixed.

From a customer perspective, we now have 8 paying users, bringing our total MRR to $152 and our ARR to $1824 (0 churn yet). I’m astounded by this. Knowing that customers are paying to use the platform and genuinely getting value from the product makes me so happy.

Here’s a short overview of all of the latest features in SEOCopy Beta 2.0:

  • New Projects screen, allows you to create and switch between multiple projects, with your last used input details for that project saved and pre-filled when you go to generate/rewrite
  • Generate copy/Rewrite copy now use a shared component system, reducing technical debt
  • Updated homepage hero (short demo video)
  • Updated homepage feature (more detail, improved design)
  • Updated pricing section (mobile friendly)
  • Updated footer (cleaner design)
  • Moved account page into dashboard view
    -Fixed copy grammar checker bug

There are only 12 founder plans remaining, get yours here for just $19/month. Includes 50,000 words per month, and the pricing will never increase.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to talk anything SaaS, Web Development, Tech, SEO, I'm here to talk 🙏

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