SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY: I want to Invest and Partner up in your Business!

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to invest + partner up in an established online business (preferably based out of the US) that is

-at least 6-12 months old
-generating revenue
-has established proof of concept
-has a motivated owner(s) eager to scale and grow

I've been building, buying and selling online businesses for close to a decade now and would love to connect with anyone that is interested! You can find my contact info on my profile.

  1. 1

    The startups that typically need investments are the ones that aren't yet generating revenue (or very little).

  2. 1

    Hey Brandon - I just posted this - it meets all those criteria.

    Do you want to talk?

    1. 1

      sure my email is on my profile

      1. 1

        email sent - cheers.

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