January 14, 2020

Setting up company email?

Say I bought a domain, have a landing page set up, integrated it with Mailchimp, does it really matter to use G Suite to get a company email?

I could just create a separate email with Gmail and recipients of the newsletter wouldn't notice that much whether its an email registered at the company domain or at Gmail.

What do you think?

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    It makes sense if you're still at a very early stage. If you're planning to scale, it's nice to have your own domain.

    You can increase your credibility and deliverability. Definitely worth the money. @faraaz

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    Bulk email sent from Gmail often end up in the spam folder, plus you won't be able to send more than 500 email per day.

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      Bulk email sent from Gmail often end up in the spam folder

      Oh, I didn't know that, thanks!

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    I did the same for affiliatehunt. I am using https://www.zoho.com/ it's free for up to five users, 5GB/User, 25MB attachment limit. Web access only. Email hosting for single domain.

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      There is also a mobile app for the Zoho email free plan

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      I thought it was only for one user, five is incredible!