Sex Work and Monetizing an Audience

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    In my opinion, sex industry jobs are something very normal, as the human needs we have are completely normal and natural too. Even though you don’t find qualification nor development in such a career, it brings you pleasure and money and that’s the number one thing a job should do. I am not afraid to say that I use this kind of services regularly. https://aurumgirls.co.uk/ is my go to site when I am searching for a partner to spend my day or night with. I think what they’re doing is normal and they gain their money fairly.

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      hey, all the more power to you!

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    I've always considered working in the sex industry to be the norm. For me, having sex on camera or promoting sexual knowledge to the masses is the norm. I'm a big fan of https://lovermart.com/product/road-titties-2/ because this is some incredible experience of orgasm. I have never experienced such an orgasm, really. No man has ever been able to bring me to such a state. I'm thrilled! If there is someone who likes it, let me know! p.s I got acquainted with sex toys quite recently, but it's definitely worth it

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    Well written article! Kudos for you. There's a lot to learn from other niche markets.

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    I appreciate the interview, and for what it's worth Aella is an extremely-shrewd businesswoman who has a ton of marketing and sales chops to share. She knows what it takes precisely to succeed in this business. More power to her.

    That said, I can't help but to feel a little oily after reading all that.

    OnlyFans is something that only prospers precisely because men have become so lonely and unwanted and untouched (for various reasons) and are forced to bribe some internet girl just to pretend to appreciate them, to be intimate with them, to love them.

    At the risk of saying too much, it's just a sad state of affairs.

    OnlyFans should really be renamed to LonelyFans.

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    Founded in 2016, OnlyFans is a platform that is revolutionizing sex work, allowing creators to sell subscriptions for premium content, as well as earn tips from their fans and charge for pay-per-view messages.

    learned a ton from doing this breakdown!

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