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By the way we just published our first blog post for @MeetLamaHQ , we wish it can become one of our "best posts" ever!


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    By far my most popular blog post in terms of views is this:


    It's on the 1st page of google for "micro saas ideas" which I think is becoming a very popular term.

    Unfortunately, this term has little to do with my actual business so all this traffic isn't very relevant to me!

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      Hey Jon! I have two kinda random questions for you:

      1. If it was a deliberate decision, why did you decide to blog about your startup journey (e.g. The Pivot) under the Bannerbear domain instead of your personal domain? I only ask because I'd like to start writing about my own journey but not sure if I should do it under my future product's domain.

      Edit: Nevermind, I think I found my answer in one of your old milestones:

      It’s early days for the blog, but I hope to use it as a place to write about scaling up marketing, design tips - basically the themes that are related to previewmojo and hopefully this content will find its way to the intended audience.

      1. Even more random: why did you decide to go with the spelling Bannerbear instead of BannerBear or Banner Bear? Again, asking as it applies to a product name I'm considering 🙂
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        To answer your first question, there was a point where I just decided to go “all in” on my startup. This meant that any effort I was expending had to be directed towards growing my startup somehow.

        If you’re writing about your startup journey, it actually takes quite a bit of time away from coding and then to put that content on another domain just seems like a waste. So I decided if I was going to spend time writing about it, at least I would try to reap some marketing benefit by hosting the content on the startup blog as opposed to my own blog.

        As for letter casing of Bannerbear... I really didn’t think about that too much. I think just aesthetically I don’t like camel case style logos, it feels a bit 90s but that is personal opinion.

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          Gotcha, thanks for the reply!

          I know you've mentioned before that you prefer not to target indie hackers with your products and instead opt to target customers who can afford / are willing to pay more. Would you be concerned that a potential large customer might see a startup journey blog post on the Bannerbear site and decide not to buy because they have concerns about a solo-run business?

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            I have had a couple of people say right to my face "I wouldn't buy from you since you're a solo startup".

            These folks just have different needs and I don't think it's wise to try to "fake it until you make it" and present yourself like a big company in order to win business from these types of customers.

            I put all my energy into trying to build a good product and keep things open and transparent. I just don't have time to play games pretending I am something I am not. If that turns away certain people, so be it.

            Paul Graham summed up my thoughts on this in a recent tweet:

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              Wow, well said. I'm so glad I asked because now I feel better about it myself lol. Cheers

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      Excellent! Maybe talk with somebody at https://www.softwareideas.io/ 🤪

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    This one about the social architecture of impactful communities did quite well.


    Think it rode the wave of interest in community building and had a unique perspective that readers were craving.

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      Nice graphs! It looks like the bible to build up good communities! Listed in my Bookmark !

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    My most successful blog post is:


    I personally like it too, because it is short and very practical.

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    Why working in tech isn't awesome

    I wrote this over two years ago and it's still getting traffic to this day. I can't pinpoint the exact reason why this post was so successful, however I do believe that there's a lot of unhappy tech employees out there looking for more meaning and purpose to their lives.

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    This post on how to build your own free stock photo library to build links to your site with only your smartphone and Flickr was a winner for me. It broke down the process in granular detail (3500 words) and you could be up and running in one hour.


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    The title is "How to Get the Most Out of Online Courses with Roam"
    Link: https://infodistillery.com/roam/

    I think this was popular because it's about a specific niche and lots of people are interested in different Roam workflows. Also it was retweeted by a few roam cult people on Twitter.

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    This is my most successful blog post https://phongduong.dev/blog/covid-19-is-the-greatest-thing-happened-to-me-in-2020/. It is successful because I share my story about quitting my job and starting to create content. I have some positive feedback

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    The article I'm most proud of is titled The Grand Unified Theory of Product Ideation.

    I spend weeks researching the question how to come up with great product ideas and the post contains everything I learned.

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    That’s a nice idea. But blog post about indie hacker is sooooo vaste. Maybe it would be better to specify a particular topic or goal? WDYT?

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      Sure, we could open other threads on specific topics, still I thought it would be interesting to leave it quite open to identify possible patterns (the success recipe!) that might apply to completely different areas, isn't it?

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    Here is my post: https://www.growthfunda.com/side-hustles-for-women/ This post went successful because I have targeted one perticular audience personna and also mentioned few other blogger who helped to droved traffic.

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    https://www.boxpiper.com/posts/solid-software-design-principles/, this article got great traction and did content syndication to dev.to https://dev.to/boxpiperapp/solid-software-design-principles-be-a-better-developer-1615, and it worked brilliantly.

    Another one posted in HackerNoon and its running great,

    These content works because of prevailing design patterns while building apps. Along with coding we need to build scalable apps and these blogs resonates well.

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    Best so far is on the topic of focus.

    It explains how sometimes, our inability to see great impact is due to our inability to focus our efforts. Enjoy!

    P.S. All the best with your post!

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    My best post is https://thetoulbox.com/posts/what-is-devops/ I think it is successful because of SEO as I did keyword research to find some possible post ideas :).

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    In terms of views, it's this one How Library Science Helped Me Understand Databases. Honestly, I'm positively baffled that this did so well. :) Most of my blog covers writing and marketing topics for software developers, and when I shared this post earlier this year, it did moderately well on Twitter. I think it might be the headline: library science and databases sound completely opposite of one another, so it could pique someone's curiosity.

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    Probably because of it's title. Pandemic, leave stable job...

    Why did I leave my stable job in the middle of a pandemic?

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    Towards the beginning of the pandemic I wrote about how to play board games online with your friends. And it blew up. The post got picked up by Hacker News and sat at the #2 position for a few hours.

    Which I find hilarious because my blog is about development, product, and testing!

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    My most popular post is an extensive article about the implementation of a very specific (and at first seemingly complex) piece of technology. The discovery of this methodology has been an enormous breakthrough for me personally, and it was something I wanted to share.

    Implementing Pagination With GraphQL and Relay

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    After finding how to resolve a problem, I just shared it in my blog, and I found it helpful:

  19. 2


    One of the few proper articles that I have open, the rest are behind a pay wall 🤣

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