Carrd June 18, 2020

Share your Carrd website 👇

Kacper @kacper

In another thread, @rosiesherry asked about Webflow websites.

Who has built their website with Carrd and wants to share it to inspire others?

Or, if you don't have your own, what's the best one you've seen?

Here's mine:

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    (Excellent, this post is no longer on my todo list! 🤣)

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      you're welcome 😛

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      Do you have "Share your handmade website" in your todo? :D

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        I didn't, but feel free to go ahead and try that. :)

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      Is this really hosted on Carrd?

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        Yep. Why the surprise? Imo it’s pretty plain lol

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          Last time I checked carrd it was just static profile page sharing site. Now turned into complete complex site hosting.

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      Interesting how you did it without the API.

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      I think I said before that I love your design! I didn't know it's also done with carrd.

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    I love card-based listings sites, so built on based off Carrd and Airtable.

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    My IH side project:

    To help a friend I made this with carrd:

    And if you want to see one in heavy construction:
    social relationships content

    This will be integrated into amicu probably. Not sure yet.

    Nice font choice with scrapbook @kacper

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      Thanks man! How did you create the collapsible sections though (in your WIP page)?

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        It's an embed of custom html and another one with css.

        It uses the <details> <summary> tags. You can look at my source code for details and copy & adapt it.

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    We built a demo Carrd site with built-in account logins, payments, and email signups (using Pico):

    (Don't worry about registering with your email to see how it works. We're not collecting any of them and will periodically nuke the list)

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      Wow Pico looks awesome! How come I've never heard about it before? 😲

      1. 1

        Thanks! We’ve kept pretty under the radar til we decided we had built enough to talk about it :-)

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    Happy to share my personal website - Built entirely with Carrd!

    I've also built and launched Matchly - using Carrd!

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    Most of our agency's sites build in Carrd (including our own!):

  7. 1 -- if anyone has any1 has any great articles that may need to be translated into Spanish or that would be great for the spanish speaking community to have let me know! --- I also published a quick post on how to open up a BTC wallet.

  8. 1 Decided to keep all the landing and info pages on carrd for our latest project as we make changes so often and its good to let everyone have a chance to make changes quickly

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    Fun little one I whipped together - some seriously good entries.

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      oh wow, some of these sandwiches look sooo amazing!

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        After the comp my friend got a little carried away and set up this off the back of it -

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          'there is no dish that adding bacon won’t improve' hahaha 100% agree!

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    I found out about Carrd here on IH. I absolutely love it. My previous site was on square, but it was slow and expensive.

    Created a version in Carrd that was much nicer (and cheaper).


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      Y'all stacking SATS YEEEES!

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    mine is:

    intending to sell through Amazon and Gumroad later in the year 🤞

    ps. great thread idea, it'd be cool to see one for Notion, too :)

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      also nice site! glad you are writing! it can be hard to overcome the fear to start it off.

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        thx! it's been a gradual process :)

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      did you use memberstack for the Saas like functionality?

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