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    Every Monday I pick a new online project and write a 5-minute read case study with actionable tips on how I'd grow it.
    Zero to Marketing

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      I have subscribed and I am looking forward to read case studies. (may be my own one, one day)

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      Compelling pitch, my friend!

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    Nervous? Sweating? Not sure if your site is up? Pingr will tell you

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      Aren't there literally a million other sites that do this? How do you plan to compete?

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        There are 170 similar sites according to the recent research. Some dying some going up.

        But there are billions of sites. Everyday new users appear which needs monitoring and they'll choose between those 170.

        The thing is that the market is already validated, so people need this. More or less all monitoring services provide the same functions, but differs in details. Eg, I give all features for all plans, I'll provide maximum customization I can, I'll make much stuff for status pages and later on I'll do some site speed analysis as well.

        Will see how it works out

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    Keysmith lets you make custom keyboard shortcuts for your Mac (and the web).

    keysmith reddit demo

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    The Bible is life changing. Join a community of people savoring and enjoying the Scriptures together one dab at a time. Pull up a chair at www.ScriptureSauce.com.

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    careermove.io - Get the guidance, community and tools to take the next step in your career.

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    Lead Finder, Email Verify, Find Email Tool with Unlimited Credits for $49

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      Pretty straightforward :)

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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        🤩 Will be more than glad to have you onboard!

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          This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    Sessionbase lets you set up SMS or email newsletter subscriptions and Zoom sessions to engage with your audience and monetise your expertise.

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    Pleke https://pleke.com/ is an iPhone and Android app to create and stick to a budget, track expenses and project running balance of accounts and credit card bills

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      I'm thinking about mental model, for example on Pleke when the user enters a credit card expense that will be billed on next month, it affects next month's budget line item because it will be paid with next month's salary. Same for purchases with a payment plan in installments which affect next several months' budget.

      Not sure how to add that to the pitch, am thinking about a comparison with a slider presentation and buttons left and right (which one moves to the next slide?).

      Depending upon user's mental model:

      • left button means the viewpoint is fixed and the slides are moving
      • right button means slides are fixed and the viewpoint is moving

      But this may not resonate with lot of people...

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    Templatium helps you to speed up development of your next saas project by providing you with pre built ui components and admin dashboard template

    P.S. this is my first attempt to to define an elevator pitch for this project 😃

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      That's a nice one. Simple and short.

      Any ETA on Boostrap + React version?

      1. 2

        Thanks! I am still working on documentation at the moment and have some small ideas to add to initial version which is currently built with Vue. Once I am done with that I will start working on React version. I think this will come in the next month or two.

        1. 2

          Great. I will be waiting :)

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    https://qwoka.io helps you get your //TODOs done

    1. 1

      This is nice and concise but I feel like its missing a bit of the 'how'. Even just a hint at how it helps get your to-do's done would do.

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    Open Lowcode is a development framework for companies to create specific software. Real applications can be created in a week by assembling powerful pre-built bricks and coding just the missing 5%.

  12. 2

    Domino.so makes your todo list prioritized and aligned to your goals. So you never wonder what to focus on now and next.

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    Do you 'Own Your Data'?

    Do you know the data you collect through forms and surveys are not owned by you?

    Yes, you don't own now. But BlockSurvey is here to help you own it.

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    Remote Leaf sends you hand-picked remote jobs posted anywhere straight to your inbox.

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    Draftss.com - Unlimited Branding, Graphic Design, Landing Page, WordPress, HTML services on subscription

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    https://isoflow.io Create beautiful diagrams in minutes.

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    Wicked Templates

    Responsive templates ready to customize or use out of the box.

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    Accordably automatically tracks your competitor's online presence and summarizes their activity into a concise weekly report.

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    Dawn brings mental health into how teams get their most important work done.

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    WeStryve.com is a dev community platform for sharing, learning & progressing skills & careers. :)

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    https://www.followchain.org - a community to follow each other on Instagram.

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      Makes sense. I took a look at your website and you mentioned "follow users who interest you." I think it would be good to include something like this in your elevator pitch. I'd see more value in having followers with my same interests, as they are more likely to engage.

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    Designtack is an online tool for all of us who are lazy and annoyed when it comes to marketing our businesses by creating social media content in minutes and sometimes, seconds.

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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        Thank you for the feedback :)

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    ToolsonCloud CRM helps you improve your sales team's productivity so that your team can close deals faster and increase revenue.

    We just tried to fit everything in just 2 lines without losing the core essence!

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    Storing your passwords in the cloud is like giving the door keys to the public. Want a secure way to store passwords? Logit can help you.

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    Out There is the dating app for meeting people in the real world. No endless swiping, ghosting or pen pals. Out There shows you where to go to find your perfect match and facilitates real-world introductions when you get there.

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    an All-in-One toolkit for Rapid Startup and Customer Communication, rapidly recognize what drives/hinders your customers and the best solution is to solve their problems. https://prepxus.com

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    TAPP is a privacy-first iOS app 📲 for friends & family to find and share recommendations for products they love ❤️.

    Help each other SAVE TIME ⏳, MONEY 💰and REDUCE WASTE 🗑 by sharing "what's worth buying".

    ⁉️Did you know that online returns in 2019 caused 5 BILLION TONS of landfill waste...drop-off, pick-up, warehouse, landfill from these returns costs 15 MILLION METRIC TONS of CO2 = 3 MILLION cars driving around for a full year.

    Start your personal "positive" community by sharing what you love & know: https://www.tapplists.com

    Made in California with 💚.

    1. 1

      Sounds like a great concept, how did you fund it? What is the revenue model, subscription or something else, hopefully it is not advertising (because I can’t think of a way that can private).

      1. 1

        Thank you RilForge. Self-funded from years of savings. We are not advertiser based, we will never sell user data to anyone (we will use it only to refine TAPP as a service and consumer tool) -- we take commissions from transaction from conversion on sales with our partnered brands in the near future. We will always be free to use and will have a membership option in the future when we can provide great value to our customers (think Amazon Prime).

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    Tina4 - This is not a framework

    Tina4 aims to change how you think about developing web based applications. It is the perfect MVP tool to quickly get an API running or create simple website. Currently built in PHP it has a small learning curve to get up and running.


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    A more affordable surveymonkey with an issue tracker. Collect and analyze feedback and increase customer satisfaction. Going Beta

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    The easiest, fastest way to get a vanity for number for your business.

    Question: is it clear to you guys what a vanity number is? should I explain what it is first?

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    Are you annoyed by calorie counter apps that force you to create an online account and access your personal data? FAST - Calorie Counter protects your privacy by storing all your data offline.

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    Llama changes the way you think about time, so you're not just making lists, you're completing them.

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    https://qwoka.io keeps source code //TODOs from being forgotten.

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    Troll your indiehackers friends in seconds

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    Koody - Find the best money management tools in the UK (www.koody.co)

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    Procurements in the manufacturing industry are hard. Make it easy with SourceMe! Search and compare hundreds of industrial components by reliable suppliers. Contact and network with them directly - at all-in-one smart discovery platform. https://sourceme.com

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    Leverage automated analytics to receive alerts about great real estate buys. Short and simple! More details are in my crowdfunding page. Would appreciate your feedback!

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    ChromeExtensionKit - Jump-start your Chrome extension projects with a variety of battle-tested starter templates and grow your audience with proven tips and actionable advice.

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    A platform for small businesses and non techy people to create amazing online stores in mere minutes

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    Don't reach for the Stars to settle in the Cloud
    Demystify your Cloud Infrastructure Deployments making quick delivery and increased productivity with Archie, a tool for Anyone from Anywhere, for Amateurs to Cloud Experts.

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    nextnovelproject helps you find your next book by filtering Goodreads data and making it searchable. That, and it finds trending books in every genre.


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    Build your next app with Nodewood!

    Don't waste weeks or more when building your next web app, start with a boilerplate that includes user authentication/management, subscription payments, and a single-page app/node API skeleton that's easy to extend and maintain.

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    https://midnight.pub - A virtual speakeasy for tired souls looking to lift their spirits - figuratively. Cheers!

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    Make your links easily recognizable and see an increase in click-through rates by up to 40% with Blanq's link shortening platform. It's easy to use, works on any device and offer's great customer support.

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    The Slice

    Get the weekly email that keeps founders up to date with emerging SaaS, hot podcasts, and actionable resources to grow your project.

    Check out some past issues here

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    Idea Workbench helps you avoid spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on bad ideas

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    Podacstmarks - An online bookmark manager for your favorite podcasts! Podcastmarks allows you to bookmark and note points of interest in the episode you are listening to.

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    And for a friend who just opened a blog

    Biorhythm Central - Upgrade the Law of Attraction by empowering your natural energy flow - https://biorhythmcentral.com/

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    Double Edge - The Everything Exchange. If ´s a somewhat of a token you can trade it here!

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    https://www.joinsiva.com/ - Siva is a social network designed to help creators earn a sustainable income with their skills and content.

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    Simple but challenging puzzle game that will boost your logical thinking 🧠 Lungo

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    Ladder is an emotional health tracker that helps you understand the relationship between your actions, thoughts, and emotions.


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    Verifiablee lets you capture clips from anyone on any device, to make fully-branded video content.

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    Managing servers and deployments is a huuuge PITA. Avoid the pain, use Cleaver.

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    Eventon, a tool to help organise team events more efficiently, so that teams keep engaged and teammates get know to each other more, by that, directly impacting the motivation and work efficiency.


  56. 1


    FundStory powers each stage of the funding story (pre, during, and post-funding). Use FundStory to access non-dilutive capital, understand its costs, and manage it into maturity.

  57. 1

    Topic Play helps you discover educational videos (& helps video creators get discovered).

  58. 1

    Virtual Mojito help event organizer discover the right tools & resources for an unique, engaging and interactive virtual event.

    P.S. It's a celebration of Steve Blank's elevator pitch XYZ formula

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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