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    Moon is a faster, smoother way to browse Indie Hackers on your phone.

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      or... a native mobile app for Indiehackers. At least to me this is all I needed to know . ;)
      Either way, great work Lev!

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      In an elevator, what is the statistical probability that the person you are pitching has the faintest clue what Indie Hackers is?

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        I'm not sure I follow your point. If they didn't know what IH is I wouldn't be pitching them.

        1. 0

          If they didn't know what IH is I wouldn't be pitching them.

          Which is the exact point. By pitching to only people who know what IH is you limit your pitch-targets by a factor of 100x or 1000x.

          if you'd pitch an awesome community that helps build products and gain financial independence and a mobile app that makes accessing that community smooth/easy/possible during the normal mobile-only commuting/wait times, then you'd be able to reach to a much broader audience.

          1. 1

            Ah, I see what you mean now. At this stage I'm not interested in convincing people to join IH. I'll leave that up to @TeamIH. I'm interested in convincing existing IHers to use Moon.

            1. 1

              Fair enough, but some food for thought (in the long term consideration lazy rainy days kind of way):

              Are you actually providing an app, or a way to become financially independent and to fulfill dreams?

              You are probably providing both, but messaging about the latter is about 1000x more exciting.

              1. 1

                Yep. Positioning Moon will be crucial and is something I'm thinking a lot about.

  2. 2 Kno is the simplest way to add superior authentication to your website.

  3. 2 creates personal websites, instantly. We hook into LinkedIn, Github, and Behance to create sites in one click.

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        lol! go tigers - i dropped out ahah

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    SelfTalk is a daily diary. Ask yourself the same questions every day. At the end of the week/month/year, look over your answers and look for patterns, or just check in with your thoughts/emotions.

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    CryptoTrader.Tax is the easiest way to calculate and report your crypto gains!

    1. 2


      Ha, nice one.

      Haven't seen that word since December 2017.

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    1Brand builds beautiful, dynamic brand guidelines for your brand in minutes, for free.

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      When a product emphasizes for free in their tagline, I often can't help but wonder "what's the catch, how do they make money?"

      1. 1

        That's fair, and I feel the same way. My product is freemium. We are truly the only brand management product with an always-free tier, that's easy enough for a non-tech business owner to use. Do you have suggestions for a more impactful way to include that differentiator in the business pitch @bigblind? Definitely open to ideas...

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    We help men create awesome dating profiles so they can go on better dates!

    1. 2

      I'm not in your target market so take this with a grain of salt, but I think your pitch might land better with potential customers if it specifically mentioned improving your profile photo. That would give a concrete benefit they can associate / latch onto with the brand.

      1. 2

        improving your profile photo ... that would give a concrete benefit

        Improving profile photo is a feature; increasing intercourse frequency is a benefit.

        1. 1

          This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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      I think the secondary photos are swapped for the 'Before' and 'After'

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    Voize lets you comment on any content on the Web using a single account.

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    Mailnest is an all in one email QA tool for development & testing teams in IT companies to test & improve email functionality. Mailnest improves email quality, security & deliverability.

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    We are Hunter. Creative branding agency for entrepreneurs, challenger brands & agents of change. We help simplify, humanise & connect the next generation of consumer-facing brands for the modern world.

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    Zlappo is Twitter marketing automation on steroids. Total game-changer.

    1. 2

      I'd put a little more detail in your elevator pitch. How is it different from existing twitter marketing automation solutions? Give me the 1 or 2 most important distinguishing features.

      1. 1

        Good suggestion! Here goes nothing:

        Zlappo is a Twitter scheduler built from the ground up specifically for Twitter. It has an edge over generalist tools like Buffer, which does not cater to the idiosyncrasies of Twitter, which we believe are worth catering to.

        Some of our key differentiators include:

        ☑️ Schedule tweets, including long threads (tweet storm)
        ☑️ Schedule retweets (your own or others')
        ☑️ Schedule quoted tweets (your own or others')
        ☑️ Schedule replies to tweets (your own or others')
        ☑️ Schedule repeated tweets (to promote your offer)
        ☑️ Auto-retweet your best-performing content to maximize visibility
        ☑️ Feed feature to sort your timeline by retweets/favorites/media/links/replies/quoted, etc.

        These are all features that have been requested at one time or another by our users. Truthfully using Buffer for your Twitter scheduling needs is like using a wrench as a hammer when a perfectly-good hammer exists... You could, but why would you? 🤔

  12. 1 is a service that creates business-critical automation test cases for customer's webapp/website. This includes automation tests for your login flow, register flow, user core flow and any custom business flow.

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    A platform to optimize user's digital experience of your website.

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    Lightfront ( helps you secure your API. We handle key validation, throttling, rate limting, resource quotas, and more so you can focus on your application.

  15. 1 provides an installment payment option for small businesses to let their customers pay up expensive bills. It will boost sales for small businesses by converting more quotes into real deals.

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      This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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    We write about companies saving the world...


    1. 2

      While I am trying to learn more about thegoodstartup I notice your about-us page the block quote is kinda hard to read due to the shade of grey/silver. Not sure if it is because the word size or too many words inside the block quote, or I am just getting old haha.
      Try making the blockquote a little bigger to increase the readability. For example, font-size: 25px; line-height: 44px;
      Anyway, I really admire your work, Le!

      1. 1

        Oooh thank you for this @donaldng! Fixing it now, I appreciate all the design tips I can get!

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    Wagglio is the first budgeting app that helps you track product prices and compare products. We give you buying options for every goal you have. Imagine Honey + Amazon + YNAB, combining eCommerce with budgeting.

    Haven't launched yet! :)

    1. 1

      I'd go back to your elevator. I don't understand what your app does, and I've never heard 2 out of 3 products I'm supposed to imagine. Sorry.

      1. 1

        A budgeting app that helps you buy products online, saving you money and time by tracking prices and comparing options for you, that fit within your budget.

        Did it improve a bit?

        1. 1

          It's better, but I still don't connect the "budgeting" and "comparing/buying" sides. 95% of the budget is fixed expenses like rent or averaged-out-during-month expenses like partying and eating out, so what exactly I'm comparing?

          Also, the grammatical structure is getting too complex. Elevator pitch needs to be short. But it doesn't need to be a single sentence.

          1. 1

            I can see the grammatical structure getting complex, you are on point there.

            In short, this is what would happen while using the app:

            Let's say you want to buy a gaming laptop.

            1. You enter the name of the gaming laptop, the price and URL where you found it. This creates a goal in the budget app.
            2. You start saving for the laptop at your own phase.
            3. The app notifies you once you are 75% near your goal, about options found on other websites (Amazon, Newegg, etc.) that fit within the same budget.
            4. The app also notifies you of deals, potentially saving you money. It also shows you alternatives with similar specs.
            5. Then you make your choice and buy the laptop (be it through the budget app or directly with the seller). The goal is achieved and marked as completed in the app.

            Now imagine the same for eating out, your budget is X, then the app gives you options for eating out that fit within the X budget. This would require other parameters in order to find good fits, but initially the budget would do this comparisons for tech products, such as consoles, pcs, etc. which are easily found.

            Here I go a bit further about it.

            1. 2

              Well, I now get the functionality of your product.

              Next: what is the core benefit/value/transformation/outcome that your functionality provides?

              Then: distill that to 1-2 sentences, and you got a pitch.

              1. 1

                I'll think about this.

                Thank you very much for your feedback Henri!

      2. 1

        Fair enough! Thanks for the feedback

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    Worry Kit is bite-sized mental wellness for those in-between moments.

    Designed for when you need relief from anxiety or a negative thought loops between meetings, on your commute or even taking an elevator.... :)

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