Share your Gumroad's product cover design

Hey Gumroad friends!

Design matters. How'd you create a highly effective product cover?

Excited to see how you leverage design to drive downloads of your product. Please share your great work and learn from each other!

Here's mine: https://gumroad.com/zlides

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    I chose a GIF as my cover photo as I think it gives a better idea of my product and its value: https://gumroad.com/l/scrapbook

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      @kacper awesome as always! Have you been using GIF since the beginning? Keen to know the difference if any :)

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        Using a GIF since the beginning ;) But as other people say in this thread - Gumroad works more as a payment platform than as a discovery channel.

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        Thanks man. I used the open graphs from the site for it.

        Not big deal, but it works !

        Thank you Felix.

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    I simply share screengrabs of the product https://gumroad.com/iice89

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      I can see many cute illustrations. @iiCe89 - how's sales so far?

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    I went on canva and google for design inspiration and made them using xd. my gumroad page is https://gumroad.com/srineesherrortech

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      Cool stuff. What about the videos, where's your inspiration comes from? @SrineeshFlutter_io

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        I follow a YouTuber devefy, this is more for practice than as running as a business.

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    Some of the examples here are looking professional.

    I've just started, and this is my first try.

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      Your cover looks cute tho! @brunor how's sales so far?

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        Besides one post on IH, I haven't announced it yet anywhere, so 1 test sale and one real sale.

        I'm planing to promote it more actively, just figuring out which approach would be the best

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          Great! How can we support @brunor

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            Spread the word if you know anyone who could use the course. Or share a tip or two on promoting gumroad products with me

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    I really have to create a cover photo, I am currently just using the previous design that I had on CodeCanyon, which looks awful upscaled on Gumroad:


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      Yea I can tell. Would be great if you can make if less techie. Your product is great tho @XCS

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    Here's mine for Snapfont:

    And for pulltherope:

    In general Gumroad works better as a payment platform and less as a marketplace. Therefore, I don't think a gumroad product's cover matters much.

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      Like your designs @shash7 - I can see a trend! How's the sales so far?

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        Thanks Felix. Snapfont is growing quickly, however we recently removed the gumroad dependency and made it completely free. Pulltherope isn't doing too good, this is however due to way less marketing effort on that project.

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          No worry at all! How can we help you @shash7

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    I only use Gumroad for purchase handling and not for discovery:

    Pricing page:

    As Gumroad is a store front that sells all kinds of products I think it’s better to create your own store where you receive visitors and then direct them to Gumroad for purchasing.

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      Very interesting usage @rikschennink , learning from you already. How's your experience with Gumroad so far?

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        Pretty good. Support is relatively quick. They're now consistently adding new features. Payout to The Netherlands unfortunately can only be done with PayPal which is very costly for me, but apparently they're adding bank transfer support around summer which would be amazing. I choose Gumroad because they handle VAT-MOSS and also handle the customer account part.

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    Great page Felix! Zlides look awesome and I can see them being valuable for a lot of people.

    Only thing I would suggest is adding some more copy, and "selling" the product a bit more.

    Keep up the great work!

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    I'm using WooCommerce and not Gumroad, but I still have a spot for product covers, and only have one product so far (visiwig.com/shop/)

    I pulled my inspiration from many places. First, I went to my direct competition to see how they display their products, but I borrowed more from non-competitor shops... Behance's app and apple's app store have eye catching ways to display a product photo and title. I also reviewed many "product covers" from my competitors (Creative Market, Design Cuts) and got ideas on how artist pull design elements to sell their work.

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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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