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Share your June Twitter Stats

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Inspired by Leo's open stats, I thought it would be fun to share our Twitter stats, maybe it can become a monthly thing.

I'm trying to be a bit more intentional with my personal Twitter, but atm it's sporadic.

I'm providing 2 months for comparison.

Stats for June 2020

Stats for May 2020

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    Don't think I've ever looked at this, it's kind cool!

    28 day summary vs previous 28

    down 8.3%

    Tweet impressions
    up 66.7%

    Profile visits
    up 56.6%

    up 22.5%


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    Here's my last 3 months from @dvassallo:

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      Interesting, so many Tweets! I thought I was doing a lot via IH, haha.

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        90+% of them are replies tho. I only post about 1-2 times per day on my timeline. But I get lots of comments, and I do my best to reply to all questions.

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    I do the tweets for Indie Hackers too, here are the stats.

    Indie Hackers June Stats

    Indie Hackers May Stats

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    Here are my stats :)

    I rarely engage on Twitter but last month I did a poll to aid my product development process. Now that I have realised it's potential in providing crude insights, I will do it more often.

    Twitter profile: @xtbhyn

    Twitter Stats for June

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    June 2020
    June 2020

    May 2020
    May 2020

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    I should really look at this more often - quite surprising...


    Twitter Stats June


    Twitter Stats May

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    I did the same excercise for the past month of June and posted everything on a thread:

    June stats:

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    I don't tweet very much, so I'm happy that I somehow managed to get ~26K impressions last month! 😄

    richard_chu twitter stats

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    1,500 in March. 2,800 in April. 4,000 in May. 5,800 in June. On track for about 7,000 in July. follow for follow!

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    Here are mine (@josberco). What's important to mention is that 31 out of my 54 followers come from an advertising campaign (I've put 2$ in the campaign). Meaning I'm not doing a good work growing my audience... However, I don't know how many of them unfollowed me during the month.

    I'll write a post soon with some conclusions of my twitter ADS test.


    Tweet impressions

    Profile visits
    1,591 - 0.03% of followers conversion?!! We don't know how many of them where already followers... but it's a fact.


    New followers
    54 - 31 coming from an ADS campaign

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    Here are mine.

    Only 3 new followers 😢! Anyone have any tips or want to give me a follow ?

    My takeaways are that I need to tweet more often and tweet things that will encourage engagement.

    ATLChris - June 2020 Twitter Stats

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    This is my May...
    June had some weird tweets (related to suicide, not me - I'm fine!) and I'd rather not share 🤣

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    Here's my stats:

    I wrote a detailed breakdown of what I've been doing on my blog:

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    Here are mine from @jsjoeio for the last 3 months

    June stats

    May stats

    April stats

    Cameo by @dvassallo

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    This is so good. I was literally thinking of asking people to do this on Twitter but chickened out! I'm glad this is happening. More data is always eye-opening and useful to everyone. Thanks @Leo and @rosiesherry 👍

    My account: @dr

    (I get A LOT of random mentions; I unfortunately have mention notifications filtered to only show people that follow me, otherwise it gets out of control in minutes. My "Top mention" is always a crazy tweet)

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      That's so funny about the random mentions. I guess IH will have to follow you so that you get notifications when we tweet about you!

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    cool idea. how do I add images on here? haven't quite mastered that one yet :/ lol

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      Using markdown, "![](image URL)" without the quotes.

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        @jasraj Most people here (me included) have just uploaded a screenshot to and pasted the image URL as above.

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          thanks @ndor & @dr - much appreciated.

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    Thanks for the shoutout @rosiesherry. Here's mine, by the way

    Comparing Jun with May
    +86 Tweets
    +1839 Profile Visits
    +155 new Followers
    +111.6k Impressions
    +64 Mentions

    Jun Twitter Stats

    @dvassallo, my ratio of new followers by profile visits = 7% in Jun. Is it a good metric in your opinion?

    May Twitter Stats

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    Here are mine, slowly growing my followers and I'm still learning what works and what doesn't for myself.


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    Great idea! I started taking my personal Twitter account a bit more seriously a few months ago (started with 30 followers) and it's been loads of fun so far 🙌


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    Here the stats from my personal account, @rosiesherry you're my top follower :)
    twitter analytics

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      Hah, excellent! :)

      Love seeing the IH mentions in there too.

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    This is fun! Forgot Twitter had stats like this, I'm a newb! I have two main Twitter accounts. One for StatusGator, our status page monitoring service, and one for VimTricks, our Vim email newsletter.

    It appears that since I didn't have Analytics turned on in Twitter, I can't see this summary screen for VimTricks. So here's the status for StatusGator:

    We had two big tweets in June: One about IBM's huge outage, and other somewhat random Tweet about how to fix the GitHub UI on large monitors. Overall, we are still very much new at Twitter and social media in general. So we're still figuring out what works and what's affective.

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