Share your landing page and I'll give you some feedback on your product.

Hey there 👋🏿!

Share your landing page link below for some honest feedback on your landing page design, messaging and the product. Please also provide some context.

If you have some time please checkout our product at https://locale.to/github we're building a localization tool for Sass companies.

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    thank you for the help: sturppy.com

    we are a platform to help founders create the financial model for their startup.

    (do you only provide translations for github repos or other things?)

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      The landing page looks really clean. The message is clear and targeted to specific people. The onboarding experience is also really well thought out. The UI looks good but there are little things that feel a bit off, like the input borders and focus state colors. The product itself is simple enough and well explained for new customers.

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    Interesting concept I actually don't know if any developers outside of China that writes code in non-english.

    Is this more targeted at that market?

    Thank you! 🙏 here's mine - https://avopos.com/

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      The landing page gives me kind of mixed feelings, the tag line is a little confusing(or I'm just not the ideal customer). But I don't know who you're targeting, when I scroll down however I start to understand what it's about and what you do. So I think the copy really needs some work and target customer.

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    what do you think of this? this landing page generates landing pages :)


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      The idea here is great, but the landing page is missing a lot of things, could use some design overhaul. I think you should go back to the drawing board to figure out your customer, your audience what makes you different from some already popular options.

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    Interesting idea, making it integrated directly into Github.

    My page is foxyapps.co - design inspiration collection from real mobile apps.

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      This looks great! Really useful. Wish it had more screenshots though.

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    Hey Barakcodes, thanks for doing this!

    We're building an advisory platform for founders to consult with startup experts. Would love your (brutal) thoughts on the landing page - www.SparrowTheApp.com

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      Specifically on:

      • The messaging or lack of clarity
      • The sequence of information on the page
      • Your score of 0 - 5 on how intuitive it is to navigate through the site
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        Alright, Let's go. I think the font you picked makes it really hard to read, at least for me. I'm not so sure if it's clear for visitors what you actually do(the actual value proposition). I also suggest directing the visitor to set up a meeting if you have that time to do these instead of the extensive form makes the process longer, adds some friction.

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    Hi there. Locale looks like a great product! Translation processes definitely need a lot of help.

    My latest landing page is https://statustracker.app. The app is currently being built in public. The idea is to give the online order tracking experience to customers of offline services. Things like construction, service works (plumbing, electrician, etc...), landscaping, or even mechanic shops.

    Thanks for any feedback! I’m not a frontend dev, and I wanted to get something out there quickly so I could focus on building the app.

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      Aha! for this specific product copy, I still don't understand exactly who your customer is, there are a lot of professionals out there. There also a lot of free UI kits out there.

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        Yeah, I can see that. When I made the landing page, I still hadn't narrowed in on a specific target audience, it was just sort of broadly any service provider who fits the scenario. But after some conversations with potential users I have a clearer picture now.
        It was also my first time trying copy.ai to write the copy, so that was an interesting experiment.

        Thanks for the advice! It helps me know some things I need to focus on for sure.

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    Very cool, who is your target buyer?

    My landing page is at activatedscale.com

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      This landing page is just straight to the point. The copy is great.

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      We target SaaS businesses.

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