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Hello everyone....
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    Hi! Just blogged it yesterday : Agile for developers - Scrum + Kanban = ❤️?
    We just launched Agile boards specifically designed for developers & development. Hope you'll find it interesting!

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    My latest article is about how to distinguish oneself as a frontend developer.
    Soon it will be published at medium ( better programming)

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      Hello awalicki...
      Since I don't know what your post is about I am not saying anything....
      But I want to say one thing your blog theme is superb!!!!
      Cab I ask you how did you do this blog????
      It's superb!!!

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        Thank you!

        My blog is built on Gatsby (react.js) and MDX (markdown + JSX). I'm a developer, so it's was easy for me. Gatsby is blazing fast, SEO friendly and has amazing image support

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    We wrote this piece a couple weeks ago, but haven't shared it much.

    It's one of my favorites:

    How Entrepreneurs Can Follow Gary Vaynerchuk’s Best Business Advice

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    My latest article is on my latest product, BruTask on the topic:
    How To-Do Lists Can Increase Productivity At Work!

    Hope you guys find it useful!

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    Hi Everyone!

    I just launched a new blog called Gold Ink, that uses writing to trailblaze change. Proudly created from #Africa, its vision is to build a community that challenges thinking, expands awareness, and widens angles of view. You can check us out at

    Here are two blog posts as well:

    Thank you! :)

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    Hi! I just started a "mini-blog"... I designed it and developed it myself with webflow. English is my second language so feel free to point out any errors you find. I'd love to hear your opinions about the content and the design!
    Here it is:

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      Hi Enrique,

      This is such a cool blog! How long ago did you create it? Have you been getting good traction on your site?

      I launched a blog just yesterday and could love if you could check it out:!

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    I'll get it on the fun!
    This article is about the architecture about the platform, which is a tool to simplify deploying your containers to multi-clouds.

    That blog is the most recent, but if you will let me be slightly greed and also add my favorite blog I've written--which is a kind of a satire of "12 Rules For Life" written about things I learned from being in the infantry.

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    While this isn't directly a blog post, it's a place to share your feelings and connect with others:

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    We've been doing a ton of customer interviews these past couple of months, so we wanted to share some pointers. DM me if you want to learn more!

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    Twitter Trends: How to Find and Use the Right Trending Topics - we explain how the Twitter algorithm works and how to find and use the right Twitter hashtags to promote your brand.

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    Been blogging about the most exciting developments in JavaScript.

    Covering fun topics like controlling drones and automating iPhones. That sort of stuff.

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    If you're trying to figure out which features make it into your MVP, this one's for you. It's about how to use story mapping to prioritize what to build first.

    How to Determine What Makes It Into an MVP

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    It's a step by step guide to how to strengthen your lower back as a developer

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    My year in review
    "2020 was not so bad for me"

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    We put together a few tricks and techniques to grow and enrich your email list in an effective manner.

    Let me know what you guys think of it :)

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    Just blogged this 5min ago or how I copy the URL and parameters of an application to my clipboard on npm run start

    Pretty sure no one asked for and no one ever gonna need it, posted it anyway because why not, blogging is fun 😉

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    Yesterday I published an article / analysis about how to choose a video marketing platform but for marketing automation and customer experience projects:

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    Working With Ghost Tags / Practical Examples to Use in Your Theme

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    How to build the future. Thinking about a big vs. a small vision, hiring the right people, and using behavior science to accomplish audacious behaviors.

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    Most recent and lengthy one is called "101 tips to make you a better developer". It's a comprehensive list of different things developers can try to up their game.

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    My latest post about my takeouts from my first project as indie maker:

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    My new post is about 12 ways to use table of contents in ghost blog
    URL :
    What about yours??

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