Newsletter Crew September 28, 2020

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Richard Awoyemi @RichAwo

Hey fellow hackers,

I've just posted about my newsletter an hour ago on LinkedIn and got my first 30 subscribers (yay me)!

But it got me thinking; I struggle to find material from other Indie Hackers - some of which, I'm sure I would occasionally love to share.

So thought it would be good if everyone could post a one-liner about their newsletters and the respective link, then it would help with discoverability. I'll start:

✍️ Summarising: 📚 + 💭 + 🧠 about entrepreneurship, startups and life.

You'll very likely get at least one new subscriber! 😉

Edit: Thanks for all the responses, trying to make my way through them as quick as I can. Great community!

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    Helping founders discover new markets and

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      Yeah, you're another maverick, already subscribed and would encourage everyone here to do the same! 💯

      1. 2

        Appreciate you Richard 👊

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    Every Monday I pick a new online business and write a 5-minute read case study with actionable tips on how I'd grow it.
    Zero to Marketing

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      Exciting concept - Subscribed!

      P.S. The testimonial on your landing page is a nice touch!

      1. 1

        Thank you and welcome! 🙂

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      Ciao Andrea - I added you to my newsletter community:

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        Oh, cool! Thank you!

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      And one of the best writers on the topic at that! Already subscribed 😅

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    I help small business get more out of google sheets with

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      Very interesting Newsletter! Subscribed!

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      Thanks for this, I like the format a lot!

      P.S. Subscribed

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    I show people how digital assets in 2020 can create long term wealth, if started and executed properly.
    You no longer need $100k to become rich, just a website will do.

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    Cool. Subscribed.
    I'll be starting one at
    I'll be sharing content about Startups, Programming, Tech, Tutorials and my experiences so far.

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    Guest Post Juice - Relevant guest post opportunities in your inbox every week, from businesses that actually want your content.

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      This sounds interesting! Subscribing for sure!

      Looking forward to your launch!

      1. 2

        Thanks man! Have also subscribed to yours :)

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    From one Richard to another - congratulations, and welcome to the club!

    My wife and I recently started The Playpen - a weekly newsletter for busy parents of toddlers 👶

    1. 2

      This sounds awesome, have subscribed!

      1. 1

        Hey, thanks a lot! :)

    2. 2

      Great name 😅
      We have two and our thirds on the way. Looking forward to this one!

      1. 1

        Thanks for subscribing Richard!

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    Practicing Google: weekly practical resources on Google products and related tech

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    Congrats! I just subscribed. I have a Substack newsletter that I've been doing for a couple of months:

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      Thanks Chris, likewise!

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    Tips for marketers based on research from top business schools -

    Good luck with your new newsletter Richard!

    1. 2

      Thanks! (Launching tomorrow 🤞🏾)
      Will definitely look into this one, thanks!

      1. 1

        Cheers Richard! Launch day is always memorable, enjoy it!

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    Tips for ADHD programmers, and people looking to improve their brains—

    1. 1

      Under-rated topic, love this!

  12. 2

    Love this - I like to trigger people into thinking critically for unconventional ways to earn, stack revenue streams and grow.
    This one one buying cheap land and flipping it to campers is kinda cool.

    1. 1

      I'm sold, love this!

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    ✍️ Klimy: 👏Marketing and 🤑Entrepreneurship.

  14. 2

    Once a week I share 7 links to be inspired. It's the Weekly Supercreative:

  15. 2

    I write about rock climbing, coding and digital slowmad in Spain

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      This may well be my kind of newsletter! 👌🏾

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    Blogging Guide is a newsletter created to help writers monetize their online content and better navigate the digital publishing landscape.

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      This sounds good, will try to check it out!

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    If you ever need to monetize your newsletter, don't forget Sakoo ( can help you do just that.

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    Congrats on starting your newsletter @RichAwo. I've been sending a newsletter every 2 weeks for the past 4 years that features resources to learn design and make digital products and share inspiring stories about designers and makers.

    You can find more details and see that archive here

    1. 1

      Love the consistency. Four years is a long time - amazing! (Subscribed)

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    Hey, This seems like a great initiative. My newsletter is called, Psych 🧠.

    Psych is a bi-weekly newsletter where I share with you amusing psychological insights which can prove to be beneficial in your personal as well as professional life.

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        Thank you for the kind words :)

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    sharing leasons from my indie hacking joureny and tips to stay productive & happy

  21. 2

    Changing E-commerce tooling, One product at a time.

  22. 2

    I curate, summarise and share 3 pieces of content every week, to help course creators succeed: Course Creators Weekly.

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    I remember reading somewhere that you planned to formally launch this week and you've been incredibly diligent in keeping to your plan, so kudos and congrats on the launch @RichAwo!

    I'm not ready for prime time yet but I hopefully plan to kick off my newsletter sometime in October, God willing.

    I intend to use my website (still in progress) to write about a pretty tiny niche: the intersection of product and engineering but I'm currently collecting subscriber emails using SubStack at:

    I'm excited because the two audiences (product and engineering) rarely overlap but we will see 😊.

    1. 2

      Thanks for the message! Yeah, I'm on schedule surprisingly 😅

      Operating at the intersection of two fields you're strong in is often a great move!

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    If anyone here knows German 🇩🇪 - I've very recently started explaining current trends in US tech in German:

    1. 2

      Klingt spanned! Werde ich mir auf jeden Fall mal genauer anschauen.

      1. 1

        Danke - freu mich über Feedback ;)

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    Subscribe on I've been sending updates on the product mainly, but will more and more also share content on how to best get feedback from your visitors and customers.

  26. 2

    I have just stared and last Friday I published Issue #2. I'm focused on Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This is my M365 Weekly Newsletter.

    1. 1

      Great job for starting, that's me going to be me tomorrow hopefully! Moving to Mac a year ago, I left all things Microsoft behind unfortunately 😅

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    I introduce founders and devs to useful tools, SaaS, resources....and dope gifs every Thursday!

    The Slice

  28. 2

    I write on this blog quite frequently, covering topics like Programming, DIY, Node.js & JavaScript and more

    Currently 85 subscribers gained mostly through a good post on HackerNews

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    I recently created a newsletter called from "From Software to Sales" which discusses ways programmers can monetize their code and open source projects.

    1. 1

      I subscribed in advance! When are you looking to start?

      1. 1

        Thanks for signing up! The first newsletter goes out at the end of this week.

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    A bi-newsletter for web developers and digital designers discovering new resources and articles to supercharge your productivity,creativity and thoughts.
    Now with interviews to devs & designers. . .

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    We want to share our experience working in the tech industry sending tips about:

    • Product monetization
    • Trending technologies
    • Startup creation

    Also we (try) to make a startup every month :)

    👉 Monthly Start

    1. 2

      I love the monthly startup angle! Subscribed, thanks!

      1. 1

        Thanks for your support :)

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    I share Awesome Locations from Google Street Views explored by people on 🌎

  33. 2

    discover online communities, learn what community tools are there, community events and investment opportunities for creator-tech startups.

    1. 1

      Community products 👌

  34. 2

    NYC & Boston startup funding and M&A

  35. 2

    Great stuff. Looking forward to reading!

  36. 1

    Contrarian insights and answers on demand for service business founders fed up with the status quo

  37. 1

    The latest on cigars in five minutes or less.
    News, deals, reviews, and more delivered weekly.

  38. 1

    A bi-weekly newsletter about the career journey of developers. Learning how the got started coding, how they got going, and how they dealt with difficulties along the way.

  39. 1

    If you're interested in no-code, I write a weekly newsletter about the space. I typically do a deep-dive into a specific topic and then share some news from the week


    PS - let me know what you like/don't like. I would be happy to hear thoughts from the newsletter crew.

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    Curated newsletter for micropreneurs - Initiator Creator

  41. 1

    Just subscribed, how many followers did you have in LinkedIn when you got your first 30 subscribers and how was your posting designed - did you purchase ads for it?

    1. 2

      I have about 1.7k followers on LinkedIn (more than any other platform).

      My post was catered to LinkedIn, explaining the way I got from working a full-time job to self-employed and launching a newsletter + the expected contents.

      No ads, all organic so far, and I'm at 95 subscribers following the launch of my first newsletter about 16 hours ago.

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    One principle per week to help you start, fix, or grow your creative business:

  43. 1

    I just launched my first issue on Sunday! Would be super grateful for feedback or follows from this amazing community 🙏

    🏄Surf Report🏄 Weekly perspective on investing, brand building, and business strategy, paired with fresh insight so you can learn, grow, and profit.

    1. 1

      It looks like we're in a similar space, looking forward to checking this out!

      1. 1

        Thanks! Checking out yours too, love the concept

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    This is awesome. Subscribed to 5 newsletters already!

    I'm soft-launching How to Grow: 3 non-mainstream ideas for growing your business each week. Would love feedback on it!

    1. 1

      Looking forward to this, thanks!

  45. 1 a weekly newsletter covering #nocode news 🗞 events and more

  46. 1

    Richard - thanks for posing this! ❤️ I'd like to get every newsletter in this thread listed on StackdIt - A community surfacing the best newsletters!

    I'm going to go through the thread and start posing on - but if anyone else in this thread wants to help, feel free to swing by, sign up for free using Twitter and post away!! ❤️

    1. 1

      Love this! No worries!

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    I write about electric vehicles and the revolution of a modern sustainable auto industry.

    EV Shakeout is a weekly newsletter covering the latest electric vehicle features, software updates, share prices, and addresses challenges in EV adoption.

  48. 1

    I write on important but overlooked issues of the world & my thought experiments:

  49. 1

    Automation Cookbook
    Stories and ideas for entrepreneurs about automating business processes.

    Lots of people know they can connect two services together with Zapier, but sometimes lack ideas why. You know connecting Typeform to Google Sheets is popular, but why are people doing that? What parts of your business can you automate? What are the tools? If you can do that, you can focus on higher level challenges of your business.

  50. 1

    Subscribe to the update of my outcoming product Sarah is an AI personal assistant that will help you day to day task. If you prefer twitter, you can follow @SarahAssistant too. I will send you some demo at the certain stage and an update when it ready.

    If you have any feedback, you can tweet to me at @upupkenchoong

    Have any interesting idea? Tweet with #SarahUseCase, will put it in roadmap if it is interesting

  51. 1

    I write a weekly(ish) roundup of the best new UX and design-related articles, tools, resources and more.

  52. 1

    I have a weekly newsletter with actionable insights and stories from founders and investors I interview on my daily podcast, Just Go Grind -

  53. 1

    I write about frontend development topics like React and Progressive Web Apps. It’s mostly stuff I’m interested in or things I want to learn.

    I have 3 years of experience working as a software dev, so most of the things will probably be useful to people with a similar amount of experience.

    I share my latest articles, useful tools and links in my newsletter every two weeks:

  54. 1

    Weekly summary of the top seven finds from Design, Data, and Tech -

  55. 1

    Learn new programming tutorials and create something funny - Koogio

  56. 1

    Introducing The SaaS Marketing educational series

  57. 1

    May I pitch Pipewing here? I thought newsletter cross-promotion is harder than it should be..

    I launched to (hopefully) make newsletter cross-promotion simpler.

    1. 2

      Yeah, you can but, If I was you, and I would use this post to determine a list of people to contact directly.

      1. 1

        Thank you! I plan to do both then. :)

  58. 1

    My newsletter helps readers discover new newsletters by highlighting issues each week that make readers learn something and think from different perspectives... and hopefully that's also helping newsletter writers when people subscribe to the newsletters I discuss :)! (I post it on my blog after sending it out) ... (And good luck Richard! I've subscribed and also added your newsletter in to narrowSCALE)

  59. 1

    Emerging niche technology news in short, easy to understand articles. The Scroll

  60. 1

    Weekly marketing & growth playbooks where I describe the processes I use with my clients to deflate churn rate, prune acquisition costs, and optimize conversion.

  61. 1

    I am Luca 👋 I have been co-founder and CTO @ Wanderio for 8 years, and I am now Head of Engineering @ Translated

    ✍️ I have started writing a bi-weekly column about making software, working with people, and personal growth

    📚 This is my humble attempt to write the content I have always wanted to read. How to build processes, meet deadlines, manage an engineering team, and grow personally in the process


    Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you all 😊

    p.s. that's a great list of newsletters anyway! I have already subscribed to a couple!

  62. 1

    $5. vc

    We research, identify, and bucket anything dope. We then ideate, conceptualize, and deliver to you the best investable startup ideas every week. 🔥

  63. 1

    Here's This Week's Worth💎.

    It's a weekly extraction of fascinating things humans put on the Internet. For curious people in a hurry, of course.

  64. 1

    I help newsletters to find sponsors with sponsorgap - sending out little reports with a list of companies sponsoring specific industry niches.

    1. 1

      Sounds really helpful, will take a look, thanks!

  65. 1

    Would love to hear feedback from everyone :) @RichAwo

    I cover stories about virtual events, online communities and remote working on

  66. 1

    I help electric vehicle stock investors ($NIO) to build their conviction by delivering a weekly summary of news, updates, rumors and reviews with

  67. 1

    Hi everyone. My new newsletter is it's a Patreon powered newsletter.

  68. 1

    I write the Work Brighter Weekly, a newsletter for burnout-prone professionals who want to find a better balance between work, play, and rest. You can sign up here:

  69. 1

    Every Tuesday I share interesting things I encountered during the week and my thoughts on them. Topics range from diet/exercise to data analysis/mathematics.

    Tuesday Letter

  70. 1

    I’m Founder & CEO of Watch Newsletter. A weekly email newsletter delivering watch deals on luxury watches; think Rolex, AP, Patek Philippe, etc.

  71. 1

    Taking a peak into the workspaces of entrepreneurs and creatives:

  72. 1

    Every Friday, I publish The Friday Dispatch, a curated newsletter of resources (articles, tools, podcasts, and stories) to help indie founders make relentless progress growing their business. I'm proud to have published over 130 issues!

    And once in a while there are gifs.

    If you have something you'd like included in the next issue, let me know!

  73. 1

    Flexidemics Insights is a newsletter about the various ways to align education to heart centered values as opposed to corporate values. This will mainly appeal to the (happily) homeschooling, unschooling, and alternative schooling crowd.

  74. 1

    Summary: A newsletter about the makers in my community. How do they manage work/life balance and side projects. What struggles do they face? Focus on the maker on a psychological/personal level.

  75. 1

    Love this idea! a newsletter (and job board) for jobs with shorter workeeeks.

  76. 1

    I curate inspiring content aimed at indie hackers into an easy to digest weekly newsletter.

    It's a combination of articles, blog posts, podcasts, and relevant new products/tools.

    I always include a piece of content "from the archives", in case some subscribers missed it when it was originally released.

  77. 1

    I help Creatives and Social Entrepreneurs with Great Ideas discover Funding Opportunities.

  78. 1

    I write about the problems and potential solutions SaaS Bootstrappers (myself included) eventually run into while building their businesses 👉

    I learned so many new concepts and ideas over that last couple of months (and still do) that I thought it would be useful to write them down and share with others.

    The articles are also published on my blog at:

  79. 1

    Love it! Subscribed.

    I write: The Sovereign Individual Weekly - News roundups and analysis to help digital age workers achieve their goals.

    Subscribe at

  80. 1

    Discover new and interesting APIs in your inbox every Friday

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