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    Here's the pitch for my product -->
    ruttl is the fastest way to collect feedback on websites!

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      Hey Harsh, great product! I just checked out your website and I love what you're working on.

      There's a few things that you might want to look at in terms of your elevator pitch. Imagine, that you actually enter a physical elevator with someone who's crucial to your business success. You have exactly 15 seconds to introduce yourself or your product. The goal is that this person walks out of the elevator hooked and equipped with everything he/she needs to know to look you up (keep in mind that in this case they can't just click on a link for more information).

      Given that we're talking about a product and not your personal pitch as the founder, he/she needs to know:

      1. What's the name of the product?
      2. What does it do?
      3. Who is it for?
      4. What are the unique benefits?

      Regarding #3, I had to browse the website to understand, that the product improves the collaboration process between web designer and website initiator. Maybe there's a way to include your target group in the pitch.

      The reason is, the less guess work your client has to do, the faster and easier you can convert them.

      And one more suggestion is taking another look at the H1 on your landing page. It's three catchy words, but they don't convey a lot about your product. Again, utilize this space to take the guess work away. Maybe you could write something like: 'Improving websites should be easy. (H1) Ruttle is the quickest way to exchange and implement feedback on live websites without a line of code. (H2)'

      Here's another suggestion: 'Improving websites should be simple (H1). ruttle is an easy way to collaborate and collect feedback on live websites. No code required. (H2).'

      This is just a suggestion in which direction you could go. 'Improving websites' answers the target group question. This product is for people who have websites and want to make them better.

      'Should be simple' responds to the unique benefits, because it implies that this process isn't that easy usually. No code should be mentioned, since it's a great feature.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to ask questions :) If you want to read a little more about pitching and branding, you can always check out my blog, book or online course: https://www.melaniegoel.com/

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        @melaniegoel, thank you so much for this detailed answer! I really appreciate the efforts you took to give so many suggestions.

        I will definitely make sure to consider those, specially the header one. Also, thanks for sharing your blog, will surely refer to it!


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    Habyte is an automated habit tracker. The app allows users to build good or break bad habits while automatically tracking your progress to remove the effort of manual logging.
    Automations include the device location to track regular gym visits or app usage statistics to monitor social media usage.

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      What a coincidence, I was just thinking about something like this yesterday and was wondering if there's an app for habit tracking :) I might have a few suggestions, which I'll share with you in a bit :) Do you mind if I tweet about it?

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        Hi Melanie, that's great to hear! We are really looking forward to your feedback and would be flattered if you tweet about @HabyteApp :)
        Btw, just noticed the 10-word limit - oops :D

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          Hey Dajo, I did a more thorough analysis and wrote about it here, because I really love what you're building: https://www.melaniegoel.com/blog/case-study-how-to-write-a-powerful-landing-page-tagline

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            Hey @melaniegoel, thank you for your great feedback.
            Your feedback contains many interesting ideas, that we will consider for our new hero :)
            We already updated the main part and I will check If I can find more issues in the new copy based on the simple 3-Steps which you outlined :)

            1. 1

              Most welcome! Let me know if I can help you guys in the future :) I'll do value proposition & brand strategy workshops in January. Just mentioning it, in case that's useful.

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    My name is Simo. I am the creator of https://techconf-db.com/?ref=indiehackers a concise list of technology conferences in South Africa.

    [Wow 10 words is tough. I had to cut our the greeting "Hi Mr/Ms/Mrs so-and-so."]

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      My name is Simo. I am the creator of

      This could change into:

      Hi, I'm Simo, the creator of TechConf

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      Hey Simo, cool project! Just took a look at it! I was wondering, are there a lot of other such pages for conferences in South Africa? If not, that would be a great addition to your pitch to make it more powerful.

      For example, if you create the first list of that kind or if you have the most extensive list etc.

      It's always important to add a unique factor to your pitch, to highlight right away why you and your idea are interesting and worth the attention of someone else.

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        Hi Melanie. Thanks for the feedback.

        There are a couple of lists but none have that "commercial" appeal, it's a spreadsheet here and there or very crude subdomain webpages. The unique factors are mine includes a venue and speaker list. And its a pretty good looking website :)

        So my revised elevator pitch:
        "A concise list of tech conferences, venues and speakers in South Africa"

        or a slightly longer one

        "A [noise-free] conference list for attendees with up to date information and an information hub for conference organizers to help ease the burden that comes with putting together conferences."

        I have doubts using "noise-free" but I want to convey the simple/minimal ui compared to meetup's clattered ui for example. Or maybe this is not even necessary?

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        If you'd like me to tweet your list out, send me your Twitter handle :)

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    Use Inbound to automate, parse and route incoming email anywhere!

    Site: Inbound
    Personal Twitter: @rob__race
    Brand Twitter: @inbound_to

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      Hey Rob, I actually think it's great. I also love your H1. It's catchy and targets the pain point directly. There's not too much I can say about it. Tweeted it out as well.

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    Here's mine:

    MTRN.ME is a URL shortener for sharing your podcast.

    What do you think @melaniegoel? Is this better than the "X is like Y, but for Z" approach?

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      Hi Faiz, very good question. I actually think that in this case it's fine, because URL shortener is pretty much self-explanatory by now. And I think, that saying 'MTRN.ME is like bit.ly, but for pocasters.' doesn't highlight your products competitive advantage too much, because bit.ly can also be used to shorten podcast links, I guess?

      What I would say though is adding a unique angle. For me personally, follow up questions arise, such as: Why only for podcasts? Is there certain information included in the short link which is beneficial to my podcast link?

      Maybe you could utilize the H1 on your website to convey some of that information? The more guess work you take out for your clients, the easier it is to convert them. That being said, utilize every space you have and make it catchy, but specific :)

      I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out, if you'd like to nail this tagline. Meanwhile you can also check out my blog, book or online course for more guidance :) https://www.melaniegoel.com/

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        Thanks Melanie! Yeah the site's intentionally bare, as it's in Private Beta right now, with outreach via emails only for the time being. Once it's done up proper will definitely look into the H1/SEO stuff.

        RE: the personal follow-up questions, I'd usually prepare for it using the Message Map structure.

        My take on this post is, make the 10 words intriguing enough for the listener to have follow-up questions!

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    3D renderings for architects, interior designers, and real estate developers.

    Site: 3DAS
    Twitter: @3dsmax
    Site: https://3das.com

    1. 1

      Hi Brian, thanks for sharing your pitch. Just checked out your website and it looks like a pretty awesome 3D technology you have there. It's very impressive. I'm wondering if that's something you could highlight in your pitch? At the moment there's the proof of experience (since 2006), but nothing about the exceptionally great outcome. Every pitch should highlight the uniqueness and your competitive advantage over other companies.

      1. 2

        Thanks for the feedback Melanie. The other pitch I use is "Since 2006, our architectural renderings saved and made our clients millions".
        Saved millions: https://3das.com/habitat-for-humanity-regal-2/
        Made millions: https://3das.com/kalea-bay-in-naples/

        Our industry understands "renderings" although we do animations and interactive presentations.

        The pitch I originally use focuses on keywords targeted to our specific clients while this pitch show our competitive advantages. What do you think?

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