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Share Your Podcast!

Dan Schoonmaker @schoon

Hey fellow indie hackers!

I've been consuming an ungodly amount of podcasts while locked down in quarantine, many who have come from this community. I love getting the opportunity to learn from all of you as I grind away on my side hustles.

This led me to wonder how many podcasters around here I haven't bumped into yet!

Let's fix that by creating a thread of podcast links so myself and other listeners have new material to listen to!

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    Sharing my podcast Hustle To Freedom. I interview people working 9 to 5 jobs and making at least $1000 a month on the side. Or, someone that has taken their side hustle full-time within the past 3 years.

    I would love to interview some IH folks that have a product generating some revenue. 🙂

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      Already subscribed! Love your podcast Ryan, keep up the awesome work

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      Hey I've been growing my product Story Creator like crazy I would love to be a guest

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    Thanks Dan, love this idea!

    You may not be in my direct target audience, but maybe some ladies around here will find this...

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      Looks great! I'll definitely check it out

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    Thanks for asking... /

    I'm currently reading one chapter a week of my revenge thriller.

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      Wow that's a great idea! I know @CrystalTurnbull would love that kind of show too.

      Is the plan to package it up when you're done and offer it in audiobook format?

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        Hi, yes, that is what I will be doing. I already have 2 audiobooks, but this is the first one where I've read chapters during my podcast.

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    I have a podcast with @Kborghesan called "The Art of the Fail" ( where we talk with hackers, startups and anyone with an interesting story about personal failure and hardships.. would love to hear everyone's feedback if you have a listen :)

    We had Guy Kawasaki on the show recently!

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      I love Guy. Met him once in Palo Alto. If you're looking for new guests I have quite an interesting story. Here is the quick summary. I left my small town in the midwest as a college dropout with $300 and a beater car to move to California. Slept in the car in Palo Alto. I worked my ass off to get into the startup world (met Guy during this time). Then I had a great career, building SAAS products in San Francisco in my mid 20's. I moved to San Diego to build Story Creator.

      Let me know if you would find value in my story. Cheers brother.

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        Amazing! We'll keep that in mind for Season 4 😉we've already got Season 3 pre-recorded (slacking to get the episodes out). Thanks for sharing, man!

        ps. I LOVE your website. Just bookmarked it for design inspiration 👌

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          That's awesome. Let me know if you have any questions on the design :)

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    Confessions Of A B2B Marketer follows our journey growing an agency AND a SaaS:

    And we sometimes also bring in industry experts... have had Justin Jackson of Transistor and Tim Soulo of Ahrefs on today :)

    All feedback welcome!

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      Hey Tom! Would like to collaborate with you, let me know how I can reach out to you!

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          I just sent you an invite to connect. Looking forward to it!

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    Great idea and thanks a lot for the opportunity to share our podcast with everyone 😄👍

    @brhea and I are hosting Slow & Steady. It's a weekly show where we talk about our journey trying to build and run two SaaS apps. Episode 40 was just released a couple of minutes ago.

    We also have guests on from time to time, including appearances by @tracymakes, @valgeisler, and @derrickreimer.

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    I host Big Picture Medicine.

    It's about the future of Medicine. You might enjoy if you're curious about how technologies such as machine learning and blockchain apply to healthcare.

    I've also been posting a lot of covid-related interviews recently — specifically surrounding the predictive modelling countries are using.

    Thanks for making the thread Dan!

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      Wow this sounds like an awesome show topic! I have a friend who's a VC in BioTech. I'll have to pass it on to him too. Thanks for the share!

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        I appreciate that!

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    Awesome plan, Dan!

    Would love to interview founders building remote-first products at

    Have spoken with Christophe of Slite, Sondre of SafetyWing, Shane at ScrapingHub, Vivek at Pragli and others till now!

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      Sounds right up my alley! Looking forward to checking it out

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        Sounds great. Let me what you think!

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    Here's my nerdy chitchat that has yet to find it's true purpose. If you know what it's for let me know. I do these things because I can.

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      😂 damn that description is also oddly fitting for my podcast as well... I might even need a shirt that says "I do these things because I can", it describes my entrepreneurial journey pretty accurately haha

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    whoa! +1 on this... subscribed to the thread.

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    A young podcast, how tech businesses are doing in Asia. In the recent episodes, my co-host Richard and I talked about the elephant in the room COVID, AI use cases in China, food delivery apps, social media...

    It's fascinating what works in Asia and what doesn't. Tune in and let me know what you think!

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      I am about to make a video for you soon. I listened to an episode and have the perfect segment. Talk with you soon!

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        Look forward to hearing from you.

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    If you'd like to add just one more to the list, you could listen to my Rad Dad podcast. Despite the name, it's got a lot of interesting conversations, and they are not just about parenting, mostly not about parenting in fact.

    If you are looking for 100x more podcast, take a look at Smash Notes and browse around for any awesome new pods you haven't heard yet.

    Let me know what you think of either, would be curious to know!

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      Oh nice, I've definitely checked out Smash Notes before.

      I'll definitely check out your show too. You're right about me not having and children, but I do love the Business Dad podcast as well, so as long as it's not 100% focused on your kid's diapers, I'm onboard!

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    I don't run a podcast. I really want to get one started. It'll be a podcast on podcasters.

    I wanted to hop on here and connect with all the folks doing awesome things with their podcasts and offer to make a free video for their show they can post on Instagram as a promotion.

    My name is Michael Aubry and I am the founder of Story Creator where I am changing the game of videos online. You can think of my company as the Canva for videos.

    If you're interested in having a cool video made, then let's connect. I am here to help!

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      Hey Michael, thanks for sharing, Story Creator looks great!

      I agree with @everyfan_knows, branding as "Canva for videos" is great because everyone I know LOVES Canva these days. I think it'll help a lot of people make that mental connection. Also might not hurt your chances of being acquired by them one day because I'm sure they'll need to get into video eventually (if they aren't already).

      Keep up the hustle! I just added you to my CasterKit resource. Let me know if there's ever anything else I can do to help!

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        Spot on! Some of their engineers and product team have signed up to snoop around haha. That could be a possibility if there is more public exposure and customer growth.

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      great vision. Canva for videos.

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    Mine's a podcast to help INFP & INFJ personality types (introverts/HSPs) on their personal growth journey (life, work, & everything in between)... here it is:

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    We run The Failory Podcast interviewing founders who have gone through both failed and successful ventures.

    We launched 3 weeks ago with 4 episodes. We're publishing new ones every Monday and it is going pretty well. +3,800 downloads so far.

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    I just started my podcast! First 2 episodes are out and 3rd on the way ;)

    Here is the gist:

    This podcast is all about building websites, SEO, affiliate marketing, business experiments, and everything in between with all behind the scenes stuff. I am documenting my journey to creating a business that generates $300,000/year. No BS attached - everything is on the table!

  17. 1 a podcast all about my experience being a web developer, learning web development, and growing an audience at the age of 15.

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