Podcasters January 20, 2021

Share your podcast, let's hear them!


Drop the names and links for you show so we can all share some love!

I love listening to podcasts, I am nearing finished the Art of Product (making it through the whole backlog of episodes from the beginning). And for sure looking for some great shows to listen to next.

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    Not mine, but I think at the top of my list right now is "Startups for the rest of us"

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      For sure. @mijustin and Jon are doing great things with Transistor. I plan on listening start to finish on them too!

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      What's your show about?

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          I'll for sure check it out!

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        The show is all about having deep conversations with people that lead lives that are mindfully & intentionally built around the things that matter most to them.

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    "Startups for the rest of us" and "tropicalMBA" have been the two shows that have consistently stayed in my rotation over the last few years.

    I also have a little podcast I run @ https://5minutepm.transistor.fm/episodes that I haven't really promoted - should probably do that once and a while 😛

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      I have heard good things about Tropical mba but not listened myself. I'll have to give them a shot.

      I'll give yours a listen too! I enjoy short form podcasts sometimes

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