Product Development June 30, 2020

Share your side project problem, let others help you

Okii ELi @Eli2

Are you experiencing any challenges running your side project?

Share it and let others help you out!

My problem is making sure gets google indexed fast!

Let's go! Make sure you add value to each other!

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    Why do you need fast ? Does your content change often ? ( genuine question :) )

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    Hey Okii, are you using Google Search Console and testing your site using lighthouse too? You've very good SEO (92 pts) but poor performance (42 pts).

    I imagine that you're trying to rank better because Google indexes sites pretty quickly once you added it using the Google Search Console. The best way to improve the ranking on google that I've heard is having blogs writing about your site (easier to say it than doing it, I know 😬).

    I'm starting a community for this kind of problem too. The idea is to give free advice to other devs/entrepreneurs by having one-to-one calls.

    If anyone is interested, just reply to this comment and I will share the link.

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    I'm looking for an easy way to design my email templates for my web app at