TikTok December 13, 2020

🕺🏻🎧 — Share Your TikTok Profile!

John Saddington @8bit

We did it!!

I just shared this, btw... hopefully this is an encouragement:

🛑 — Share your TikTok profile in the comments below!

I'd like to think that we can share our tips, strategies, and best-practices as we work through learning this new medium together...

... yikes!


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    Would be awesome to connect. I post mainly about tech and businesses

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      sweet! let's keep going!

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    Went viral early on & working to move content to more self-improvement / SaaS / productivity instead of tech / helping others learn to code.

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      cool! i'm gonna check it!

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    I have a few videos that went viral.

    Best part about tiktok is provide value and there is a change for distribution, no matter how many followers you have.

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        one of my favorite tiktok creations. :)

        I also like this story time format - https://www.tiktok.com/@joshdance/video/6762009983602183430

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    Great to have more entrepreneur content, awesome idea.

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    I am going to follow everyone who comments on this thread !
    I am trying to understand tiktok too, starting from scratch -- feel free to give it a follow as well : )

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      sweet! thanks for being here!

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    I don't remember my id properly. It's blocked here in India, but it was something like @ dinakardink or @ dinakars

    What's yours?

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        you are really good at short-form videos, I subscribed!

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          i'm practicing! thanks!

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        Seriously? How much does your entire domain portfolio cost you (per year) already? I really wanna know.

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          lol. i'd have to guess... $3-4k a year.

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    TikTok has an amazing algorithm for detecting talent. They aren't just using clicks, but really understanding what your content is and who it resonates with. Remarkable!

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      Tiktok detects everything you do with a video as signals.

      Watch it all the way though? You are signaling you like it. Pause it a few times? Signal engaged. Share it? Signal you thought it was good.

      They then use those signals to show it to others who they think are like that person. How do they know who is alike? They are sending the same signals.

      Of course their algorithm is very impressive and super complicated but they are not, from what I understand, doing much to actually understand what your content is. I'm sure they do face detection, and shaky video detection etc but I think it is much more about the signals you are sending, matching that to others sending the same types of signals etc.

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      it really does. i'm starting to see that now...

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