Shoot the 🦙 landing page if you don't like it!

Looking for your honest feedback about our new landing page and our product proposal in general!

🦙 https://meetlama.com/ 🦙


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    Design and graphics are nice and sleek. (Where does one commission these sorts of graphics?) the overall layout is pleasant and very readable on mobile. It loaded quickly. Overall my first impression was that this is a professional entity, which is good.

    The headline above the fold is very solution focused - after reading it, I’m not sure what problem is being solved, nor am I certain who this product is for or whether it solves a problem I have. Scanning down the page, it appears to be some integration tools around meetings - what makes a “good” meeting? How do I know? How would I know after reading your page that I have “bad” meetings? What is the risk to me and my business of having bad meetings? And what will I be able to do with that knowledge once I find out?

    I think tweaking the copy to be more “success story” oriented instead of feature oriented would help potential buyers see themselves in the problem, and therefore be more motivated to buy your solution.

    Looks really nice, though! Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback! The graphics come from https://craftwork.design/downloads/teamwork-illustrations/

      Just a curiosity: don't you spent a relevant part of your time in videocalls/meetings?

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        Thanks for the link, I’ll check that out!

        I do - my questions were probing how the landing page copy could more clearly connect what I already think about my meetings, and what your tool could do to shape how I think about them. I think there is an opportunity to frame the product more clearly in the context of how a user would integrate it into their work processes.

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    Hi Alessandro. In a normal tool-shopping situation I would have the following reactions:

    1. Oh what a nice, light, minimalistic landing page. I bet their software UX is great.
    2. Hm, no screenshots. Let's go to Features page to see them. Whaaaat? Close.

    I'm one of the people who will only sign up if I can see the inside first. To the point that I'm sometimes searching on Google/YouTube to get the glimpse of the experience. I've interviewed some of our target users and found out it's pretty common for tech-savvy buyers.

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for the great feedback!
      Generally speaking, wouldn't you sign up a Free Trial (or a Free Demo) to get a glimpse of how an app actually looks like?

      And since your comments were so helpful.... what would be your reaction when landing at socialelephants.com (my main project) ?

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        Hi Allessandro.
        I honestly wouldn't sign up unless I were externally motivated (friend's recommendation or something). But even then, I would start with searching for screenshots/videos on Google.

        Here's my feedback regarding socialelephants, but please note that it may be very subjective:

        1. First thing I noticed: outdated Apple hardware. To me, this gives a notion of the website being outdated and maybe the product as well. I can also imagine that someone is not a fan of Apple, and that it will influence their opinion on your website, even though it's irrational.
        2. The font is pretty far from what's today's standard. It screams "outdated" ;-) Your paragraph text is too narrow, and line-height is too small.
        3. Because of the font, I did not want to read the copy, but I think in some places it's also a bit too long
        4. You use the word "functions" where the more familiar term is "features."
        5. I suggest you audit the copy with an English-speaking copywriter. It's not my first language, but I managed to find too many grammar errors.
        6. It would be good to give the Product section a separate page and illustrate all those features with relevant screenshots.


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          Thank you very much! All very valuable points!

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    This reminds me a little bit of meetbutter.io (by @CheskaT) - I would take a look at their homepage for some inspiration!

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      Ohhh thanks! Didn't know about this other APP , I'll take a look for sure!

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    Nice work! @bernardamus nice work! When will the product go live?

    I write stories about virtual event and remote meeting. Might be of interest of my readers. Let me know if you keen on a conversation. I'm on https://twitter.com/felix12777

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      Thanks so much! We are currently working on the MVP, we have tons of ideas but we want to really make sure that we address all the main issues to properly manage useless meetings. Your expert advice can be very inspirational! I’ll reach you on Twitter and it would be great if you write a Story about us very soon!

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        Awesome :) Saw your tweet. Ping me anytime!

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          Great... I’ll have some of your tasty @virtualmojito first, let’s see if we come up with some new brilliant ideas!

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