Shopify Theme Analytics: A single theme has made more than a million dollars (at least)

What Shopify themes are the most popular?

We launched Shopgram(https://shopgram.io/) a while ago and while showcasing our data studies, one continuous request was for a feature so that Shopify owners can identify which theme a competitor or a successful shop is using?
So yeah, these are like our bread and butter, we looked up all our stores in the database again and saw which themes they are using.

Spoiler: Top 5 are FREE themes, so there's that.

Here's a blog that looks cooler:
Here's a Google Sheets one with the data:

Some notes:

  • The most successful ones are usually custom themes
  • The most used premium them is Prestige (The theme is $180, the stores using it were 8291, Shopify takes 20$ of it - which they won't anymore if you make less than a million. So we have 1808291.08 which is around $1,193,900)
  • The data we gather is based on shops that are publicly available, so when you see 2 million store databases, you're probably gonna get lots of internal stores, test ones, etc.
  • Shopify theme makers do be actually making some serious cash
  • What Shopify store are you using?
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