Shopify Theme Developer for a Partnership

The idea is to make a Shopify theme designed especially for product launching /testing.
Many businesses experience a lot of difficulties these times because of COVID-19, and now I want to give back to the community by making a theme for free where other makers and creators can follow their passion.

Short about me:
I co-founded my fashion brand back in 2011, and we got our products on celebrities like Pharrell William and Madonna, I'm humbly grateful for that.
I have worked with Shopify in ten years now, and know a lot about launching online businesses.

Last year I was the CMO at TechBBQ 2019 (The Biggest Startup and Innovation Summit in Scandinavia), which was my first job outside my own startups, and being the CMO at such big event gave me deeper insights in what startups need and how they can get it.

(I have the first design draft ready in sketch)

Contact Details:
[email protected]

  1. 1

    Hi, Ohh sorry I did not know if I could provide my email here or users just use the message function. :) Thanks for the tip.
    Are you interested in working on the project?

  2. 1

    Hi Philip, you forgot to provide contact details :)

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